Thoughtful criticism of not-so-powerful people is also responsible citizenship.

I must question the motives of a person who is so obviously wrong in the “logic” he expresses in trying to sway opinions of others.

Anyone who would call a person, shall we say a president, a liar and then expect someone else to prove that person was telling the truth is certainly not following the common practice in our great country that one is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Mr. Hughey ("Thoughtful criticism of powerful people is responsible citizenship," Mailbox, July 10), you are trying to use the liberal Kavanaugh prosecution model to throw the burden of proof on the speaker rather than on yourself after claiming the speaker lied (or is a racist or a misogamist, etc.) It is the responsibility of the accuser to prove the point.

I do, somewhat, agree with you that people who respond by attacking the character of the person is not only the last resort, but seems all too often to be the desperate and pathetic course of action of the first remark.

Ronald Davis

Bowling Green


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