In your July 31 editorial concerning the border ("Dems blame wrong president for border issues"), you call Democrats hypocrites on immigration and state that "they have a moral obligation and duty to tell voters the whole truth."

And then in your article, you do anything but. The truth is that seven children have died in U.S. detention centers since last December. The truth is that the Trump administration began a "zero tolerance" immigration policy in April 2018 that called for every illegal entry case to be prosecuted, resulting in thousands of children being separated from their parents. The truth is that during the Obama administration, family separations were rare and predicated on whether border officials felt the parents or guardians posed a threat to the children or whether the adults had to be detained based on prior criminal convictions.

The truth is the Trump policy used separation of a child from his or her mother as a deterrent to refugee migration and asylum. The truth is, leaders of many faiths have spoken out against Trump's immigration policies, asking him to protect the unity of families and not close off all avenues to asylum and for immigrants and refugees fleeing danger.

The Southern Baptist Convention, responding to the new policy, resolved: "We declare that any form of nativism, mistreatment, or exploitation is inconsistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ." Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Catholic bishops' conference, read a statement at the 2018 conference stating, "Families are the foundational element of our society and they must be able to stay together. Separating babies from their mothers is not the answer and is immoral."

The truth is that both Trump and this editorial board are trying to rewrite the terrible immigration history this administration has written.

Ed Draughon

Bowling Green


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Le Ecrivain

The outright economic hatred expressed in this article toward those in the pews, those whom the scriptures say to love - love one another, and since it was written to a church group, it was the church members.

On the plus side, Southern Baptist Church attendance is at it's lowest level in 30 years. So if they keep up this stuff designed to make all their children poor eventually they will be extinct and their blind leaders will have led every single one of them into a ditch.

Enough Already

Let me be blunt Ed. You are lying and just repeating liberal talking points that have no basis in fact.

In your hypocritical letter you don't mention that Democrats have been holding the money for more detention centers and resources hostage because they are against building a wall that would turn off the unrestricted flow of illegal aliens and solve the problem. There is your guilty party. There was a time early on in Trump's presidency when he offered the Democratic-socialist-communist party everything they wanted including amnesty for the people already here in exchange for money to build a border wall. They said no dice. Take your pathetic crocodile tears and shove it. We are tired of you pathological liars coming to the defense of Democrats and trying to pin the blame for their own actions on a president who has done more for our country than all the Democrats since Reagan.

Build The Wall and Make America Great Again!


Lying is your purview pal. Don't forget. I've the documentation to back it up.

Enough Already

You have nothing except ignorance and a bloated ego. I don't expect an atheist with an agenda driven worldview to understand the difference between good and evil much less a difference of opinion but that's what happens when you write your own diploma. You may have a high opinion of yourself but everyone else sees you for what you really are, lost and on the way to hell.

Enough Already 2

How many have committed felonies? Now, I mean other than the President!

Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric looms over El Paso massacre

“How do you stop these people? You can’t,” Trump lamented at a rally in May. Someone in the crowd yelled back one idea: “Shoot them.” The audience of thousands cheered and Trump smiled.

Enough Already

All of them dipstick. Illegally crossing our border is a felony. A low information voter like yourself probably doesn't understand that.


According to the Immigration and Nationally Act of 1965, crossing the border illegally is a misdemeanor. Who is the low information voter again? (Hint - it’s anyone who votes for Trump).

Enough Already

You must mean the Immigration and "Nationality" Act of 1965

That was modified in 1996 by "I did not have sex with that woman" Bill Clinton. Under his Executive Order No. 13767, (Border Security And Immigration Enforcement Improvements) he authorized "Expedited removal" of illegal aliens caught at the border where they are deported without a hearing before an immigration judge.

Nice, right!

The illegal aliens are placed in detention until a removal order is finalized and are then deported to their country of origin with a misdemeanor charge with the exception of illegal aliens with prior criminal convictions, including any PREVIOUS attempt to cross the border without authorization, which automatically makes it a FELONY with mandatory jail time.

Lock em' up!

If you are in anyway a Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Liberal you are a low information voter. I'll add your name to the membership roles AngieSue.

Absolutely Positively

"every illegal entry case to be prosecuted, resulting in thousands of children being separated from their parents."

Gosh, Ed. When we prosecute those who commit illegal acts, it typically requires the separation of families. Why do you think that those who enter the country illegally should be spared to this separation that most everyone else has to face when they commit felonies?

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