At this point in time one has to wonder if our fearless leader cares about nursing home residents and their families.

He addresses schools, restaurants, bars etc. But to my knowledge he has not said anything about nursing homes.

My wife's 82 year old sister is in a local nursing home. My wife and her sister are the only two family members left on this earth. Her sister is legally blind, hard of hearing and has dementia. My wife has not been allowed to meet with her sister for the last six months.

She has not been allowed to make sure her sister is being fed properlyy, to make sure her personal hygiene is being taken care of. Her sister's hair hasn't been cut during all this time. We found out her sister has lost at least 11 pounds.

Since family members are not allowed to see for themselves who knows what conditions the nursing home residents are having to live under. It does seem like they are being treated like inmates.

My wife went to the nursing home and was determined to see her sister. She was calm but insistent. They called the police to have my wife removed.

There must be other families having to live under the same stress and strain these lockdowns are causing.

What is really hard to understand is why the employees are allowed to come and go. When they leave work who knows what they and their family have been exposed to. But when they come back to work their temperature is checked and if it checks normal they are allowed to enter and roam around the home.

Why can't this same procedure to applied to a scheduled visit and take place in a designated area.

Something has got to be done about how we and our family members are being treated.

James Ausbrooks

Bowling Green

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Enough Already

As comrade obama said. "Elections have consequences".

This is one consequence of Kentucky electing a democrat governor.


But many will blame the pandemic because that hides the truth. That it was tyrannical decisions here, and there. Everybody should point their finger and say 26,000 people died because of that despot right there.... instead of hiding it in the lies of 'pandemic'. It wasn't the pandemic. It was democrat governors killing grandmas. It was decisions to make everyone terrified and afraid instead of talking to them about observed mathematical probabilities. It was to crush the economy so huge numbers of businesses close never to reopen. Instead of calling these socially produced deaths 'the pandemic' we should call them the result of 'decree X", because that's what they are. They are the result of the decrees. They are not the result of the disease which stopped meeting definitions of epidemic months ago, and even then, data from countries all over the world showed the reality and people just ignored it because they wanted to remodel society. I'm personally benefiting from the remodel, but that doesn't mean that those deaths weren't caused by decree X. We should at least be honest about it.


Over 26k dementia deaths, beyond normal, for this part of the year. And that's just one disease driven by social determinants of health -- which are now mimicking the cultural revolution in China thanks to our 'dear leaders'.


There have already been 26,000 deaths from dimension, beyond the normal for this time period. See and the death storm from the horrific lock down decision nationwide is just getting started. Suicides are going up. There will be more deaths from heinous despot decisions than even the puffed up Coronavirus numbers. Over 26K dimension alone -- and we haven't even seen the uptick in cancers from lack of detection, the increased heart disease cases from poor social interaction which occurs on a longer time horizon. Suicides already outnumber Coronavirus in parts of California. Doctors in many countries have explained this, but Americans want to believe Fauxi and talking heads instead of people preaching mathematically backed science. Belgium just had a large group of physicians publicly arguing against masks using actual numbers driven science. But here we are. The social determinants of health are in the gutter now because of despots and those who love them. There's not an authoritarian nation on this earth with good life expectancies compared to their peers. Just wait till we see Kentucky data over the next five or ten years.

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