Kentucky now has the highest unemployment rate of any U.S. state at 32 percent. Nearly 700,000 have lost their jobs, most due to business shutdowns ordered by Gov. Andy Beshear.

The state is very slow at processing unemployment claims, with reports of people waiting multiple weeks for benefits. Local food pantries are routinely running out of food now. Clearly hunger is becoming a real problem for many Kentuckians.

When the governor bothers to address this, it's often with a half-hearted apology about people having to use their savings. Marie Antoinette couldn't have said it better.

Here and across much of the U.S. we see lengthy, open-ended prohibitions of the free exercise of religion, assembly, petition, travel and commerce. Some governors have canceled or postponed elections at the last minute. Our legislatures never voted for these restrictions.

Traditional national media and social media now routinely and openly censor dissenting opinions and calls for protests. Local newspapers are struggling more than ever due to the collapse of advertising dollars from local businesses, many of which will never reopen. Expect to see many papers fail as well.

Supposedly this is all to save lives. But states with more draconian restrictions are not achieving lower per capita COVID-19 death rates than more open states – it is very nearly the opposite. Lengthy lockdowns will also lead to a rise in substance abuse, domestic violence and suicide. These kill just as surely as the virus. What may have started with good intentions is leading to disastrous results.

This authoritarianism will permanently destroy our prosperity, our liberty and government of the people if we don't resist it. Please speak up like your family's future depends on it. Because it does.

Tim Crabtree

Bowling Green


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We can disagree without being disagreeable. The personal attacks on each other take away from an honest debate of the issues.

Enough Already

Nationally, democrats have moved the goal from flattening the curve to obtaining a cure. They don't want businesses to reopen because the economy may recover. They KNOW Biden does not have a chance against Trump with a healthy economy. Judges are overturning democrat governors totalitarian decrees left and right, including our own smiling jackass Andy. His answer to ruined lives and closed businesses is, "We are all in this together." (Except we are not) Everything democrats do is about politics, from illegal aliens to Covid19. They truly are traitors because they put their own political interests above that of the country. Remember that when you vote this fall.

And don't forget to turn your green light bulbs on, fish...


Our clown in the governors office knows nothing about the daily business of running a state or running a coffee shop, He is destroying our economy

Dr. Strangelove

It's already a disaster and is exclusively a political power play by the Demoncrats. Just look at Pelosi's legislative proposals. The virus numbers are bogus and their going to stay that way. As to dksk, get back in your COVID hole with the other sheep.


huh, I didn't realize that lockingdown in order to SAVE LIVES was merely "good intentions".


Since more people have died in Kentucky, with a lockdown, then in Tennessee a similar severity lockdown, and TN having twice as many cases, yes, they were merely "good intentions".


yes well, it would've worked better if people actually did it. Where I live in BG, the last few months people still go visit, still have loud parties, still go meet up. So ... it takes both sides to make something work.

Amateur Logician

Yes, it must be frustrating for you when so called “citizens” don’t obey every order without question. But no worries, the governor is always encouraging people to “report noncompliance” - just like the Stasi. I’m sure that would make you feel better.


Wouldn’t know. I quit spending time with the locals generally speaking when Walmart banned children, and Priceless put up signs saying only one adult family member, but left out that you could have children, and then hostile customers expressed verbal hostility to the presence of a youngster. The place is going to Dystopia level 2. That’s the one after they implement the economic policies they were preparing the children for during their South Africa indoctrination in level 1, but before the Chinese totally conquer it and make it worth something again in level 4 – the ability to comment on News Websites being revoked at that point. Level 5 is the one where the Chinese or the Russian’s nuke it so the corvette plant can’t be converted to make tanks on short notice. Level 3 is South Africa Socialism indoctrination with social deprivation in schools after the green light and common belief repetition has fully glazed everyone’s eyeballs for about six months.


Amateur Logician - perfect name for you btw - go ahead. Go out, DON'T WEAR A MASK, hang out. But don't bitch if you get covid because you decided that "obeying the government" is some kind of personal submission. In the mean time, go do church and "submit" yourself in fear to your belief in god. Have a nice short life.


Oh and "Okay boomer"

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