Like Nero playing his proverbial violin as Rome burned, politics continue to be played while our planet continues to heat up. Siberia at 100 degrees, giant calving glaciers, fires and floods; we seem to have come to accept them as we do divisive politics in Washington. COVID and an election amidst a currently extremely partisan America have garnished so much of our attention that too many of us have taken our eyes off the ball; the blue one that is heating up with consequences. Shell Oil noted an increase in CO2 levels they attributed to the burning of fossil fuels back in the 1980s and despite this now being the consensus of National Academy of Science, American Meteorological Society, U.S. Department of Defense, and 97% of the world's climate scientists nearly 40 years later, politicians continue to deny it if expedient or financially profitable for them to do so. This seems to unfortunately be especially the case with the current administration where facts and experts are summarily discounted.

Mr. McFarland recently wrote in this regards, and I am in accord with his conclusions. America in the past was proactive; it admitted to a problem and addressed it. We, as a country, have politically fallen flat on our face on this one. Most of us admit we have concerns about our global carbon footprint, but we vote for people who don't appear motivated to do anything about it. As most of the rest of the world takes steps to address this, we wait for magical elves to whisk it away, sparing us from the inconvenience of making sometimes difficult decisions; decisions and technology that the rest of the world would subsequently emulate.

America used to lead. It looks like this time we will be led. Don't think we will like the taste.

Gary Verst

Bowling Green

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Quite telling that the AGW deniers cannot point to any peer reviewed studies to substantiate their claims and must instead resort to conspiracy theories and points refuted a thousand times. Very telling indeed.

Absolutely Positively

Decades of predictions of specific consequences that not only were wrong, but were monumentally wrong. Our side isn't the problem.


Citations required.

Pissedoff Veteran

If you would look at a bit larger picture other than just out the window and listen to science instead of so called Peer Reviews, you would see our substantiation.

We are in a very long ice age that has smaller ups and downs. We are just in one of the downs right now. By small ups and downs I am talking about decades and every hundreds of years.

Don't throw away your warm boots because you will need them.

Maybe sooner than later.


Because right now we are experiencing a historical low in Sun Spots.

Almost zero.

My two phrases to hate most of all is, "TRUST ME!" AND "PEER REVIEWED!"

The new liberal useful idiot meaning of Peer is some one who agrees with you, thus making "Peer Review" a useless statement.

Orbital mechanics explain our long term weather and what we as human beings is a bit like pissing in a Volcano to cool it off.


Milankovitch cycles have been incorporated into the models, as has the grand minimum activity.

You also may want to brush up on the actual meaning of peer review, not your straw-man version of it. Your reply is just silly.

Enough Already

Citations required.

This is the easiest dodge ever!

Thanks koheleth

Enough Already

Citations required.


One nice extra large asteroid will fix it, as it did before.

Enough Already

I don't know about magical mystical elves but chicken little has certainly made an appearance. While these scare mongers continue to perpetrate the hoax of global warming the rest of the planet does what they have always done, lip service, with nothing to show for it but a climate accord agreement that they have no intention of abiding by because they don't believe in it themselves, but they do like the potential for a global tax to support this hoax.

First it was global cooling then global warming and now it is climate change. Each new announcement told us we are running out of time and yet we are still here. Are we going to freeze or roast? Pick your fear and go with it.

The climate changes constantly and it always has. There is nothing to suggest that this is unusual but people like to pretend that this is different and we're all going to die if we don't go along with this liberal fantasy they are pushing. The rich grifters that are always ginning up the panic tell us we need to do as they say but they never make any personal changes themselves. It is a hoax and nothing more...


Eric Wheeler's 'Chicken Little" comment is funny. I like it. But whom should I believe? A preponderance of scientists who have analyzed data believe that the climate is changing for the worse, and that humans are contributing to that change, or Eric Wheeler who says they are all wrong? Maybe it would help if you would tell us your credentials, Mr. Wheeler.

Robin Hood

Thanks for your comments Dr.Verst. I share your concerns. The fallout from global warming is indisputable and requires immediate attention. I feel that a nature deficit disorder of sorts has contributed. We, as a society, have become increasingly more engaged with our devises ...especially kids. If we are not connecting with nature we won't care about it or write or vote on legislation to protect it.

Absolutely Positively

The most environmentally progressive state is California, and California is the state that's always battling wildfires and unable to produce enough power for its residents. Isn't it funny how the wildfires that are allegedly a result of climate change are almost exclusively concentrated in that one state?


Magical mystical elves? Seriously dude, put the bong down and back away from the wacky weed if you want anyone to take you seriously.

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