While hard to believe, on June 3 it has been 15 years since our community was rocked with the news that two of its leaders died in a tragic motorcycle accident. So much has happened since then. One only wonders what might have been different if Brooks Mitchell and Cornelius Martin were here to oversee our unprecedented growth?

Brooks Mitchell worked with many downtown projects tirelessly, trying to develop more infrastructure and growth. Wouldn’t he love to see the current Bowling Green Ballpark, commercial development, SKyPAC and the revamped square?

Cornelius Martin served WKU as board chairman twice, among many other service efforts. How would he react to seeing Houchens Field, DUC, Ransdell Hall, the Mahurin Honors Center and other beautiful buildings on campus?

Our community has thrived this last 15 years, no doubt. But, how much better could it would have been with them? A lot.

Steven O. Thornton

Bowling Green

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