To those among us who believe that their rights are being violated because we have been told to wear face masks to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, I suggest a look at “The Influenza Masks of 1918” by Alan Taylor, published in The Atlantic on July 16.

It’s a gallery of photographs, most of them taken in the United States, picturing people from across the country wearing masks to help prevent the spread of the pandemic influenza virus 102 years ago.

Yes, there are some with legitimate medical conditions that prevent them from being able to safely wear a mask. The rest of us should do the right thing to protect them and everyone else we come into contact with. We are in a war right now on our own soil, against an invisible enemy that has taken the lives of an average of nearly a thousand Americans every day. It is our patriotic duty to join the army that is fighting this battle.

Our rights are not being taken away from us, but our loved ones are, in spite of the fact that our medical treatments are far more effective than they were in 1918. Once again, over a century later, hospitals have been overwhelmed, and hundreds of heroic front-line health care workers have died. The economic and social damage to our country has been enormous.

The longer we fight among ourselves in this war, the more battles the virus wins. We can all take up arms and attack this enemy, or we can sit back and wait for a cure or a vaccine that may or may not happen. Right now, we are being asked to serve our country. The weapon we have to defeat this foe is a mask.

Linda Oldham

Bowling Green

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Enough Already 2

I just posted the following this morning in the comments of “Morts” recent letter. I find that it might also be appropriate with the dialog on this letter.

I have quite often abstained from commenting on some of tRump’s galley of commentators. I usually decide that they are doing a better job than I could ever do in terms of denigrating their very often idiotic comments.

I did recently comment that Dr. Strangelove (Brent Rains) did an excellent job of self-diagnosis. He stated: “… suffer from systemic "moron privilege". It runs in your gray cells unnoticed by you as to give you a feeling of exceeding insight and self worth. If you deny it or argue about it will only confirm you have it. It's a terminal diagnosis.” I must admit that I have significantly underestimated Mr. Rains in the past, but I applaud him for doing such an outstanding "self diagnosis".

I now find that Mort Shahmir almost sounds like a real Doctor. He states that Hypersensitivity could be psychological (as well as physiological), although it does not have immunological basis and the manifestations are usually anxiety, depression and anger”.

Yes, I very often see examples of anxiety, depression and anger coming from the likes of Mr. Shahmir, Mr. Rains, and Mr. Wheeler. That is understandable! They, like tRump, are feeling like nobody likes them, nobody respects them, and as a result they lash out in anger, spew mistruths, and call people harsh names.

The past week “saw a devastating global pandemic worsen, a record economic meltdown confirmed and an all-out bid to stoke racial tensions for political gain deepen”. President tRump is now finding himself more and more the odd man out.

Yes, President tRump is actively isolating himself in his own bubble of conspiracy theories and questionable science, with fewer and fewer people willing to step inside to join him. That is except for those aforementioned and that very solid 37% of the active electorate that will never deny tDump.

YES, YES, YES! This group of people is definitely suffering from “expedient psychological hypersensitivity”

As I previously said, Mr. Shahmir almost sounds like a real doctor as he self-diagnoses the symptoms he and others possess. He does state that “we need to ensure that many of our citizens are provided with adequate counseling regarding expedient psychological hypersensitivity”.

The most appropriate treatment or counseling from my perspective is for this group of people to self-medicate and drink a shot of Clorox to wash down their hydroxychloroquine tablet at least once a day. Perhaps by election day they will not be around to complain about the new era of rational politics as tRump and his family are calling an Uber to come and pick up all the old baggage at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

To quote another who describes his reaction to tRump’s tweeted suggestion to delay the election: “What I think this tweet tells us is that tRump knows in his heart that he is likely to lose in November. He’s laying the groundwork not for a coup but for an excuse, both for himself and for his followers. It creates a mythology to explain defeat, attack Joe Biden and keep the Trump family relevant in the Republican Party. The fact that he’d pull a stunt like this is another reason it’s so important that he lose in a landslide in November.”

My personal favorite from this past week was an Op-Ed from Steven Calabresi, a law professor and one of the founders of the conservative Federalist Society, who called tRump’s tweet “fascistic” and “itself grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment again by the House of Representatives and his removal from office by the Senate.”

WOW! BUT we would not want to do that, we just want to VOTE the character out. If it happens, then it must be God’s will.

Oh, by the way, I saw tRump’s recent re-tweet of the bunch of quack doctors standing out in front of the Whitehouse, and that sure looked like ‘ole Mort’ standing there just right of center!

What say ye?

Dr. Strangelove

Hey, Koheleth said "Shame on you" Enough! That's gotta hurt. But your assessment of the preventative use of hydroxychloroquine is correct. As a preventative. And in combination if needed with azithromycin, zinc supplements, etc. It has been the common recommendation for prevention of malaria for decades, but academic illiterate civilians like the Great Koheleth wouldn't know that or have not the honesty to admit it. It was part of our medical entomology training in graduate school at UK. Poor Koheleth, you sad creature. Get back in your basement son. You need to go to bed. LOL


Citations from peer reviewed sources on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc in the treatment of Covid-19 needed.

As for your 'studies' at UK. I would need to know exactly what role the study of insects has to do with Covid-19 considering that its mode of transmission is from mammals through mammals.

I think you owe the faculty at that institution an apology for wasting their time. If in fact you did attend that is. Your posting history casts some serious doubts as to whether you even got passing marks in highschool.

Dr. Strangelove

I do classify you under the genus Nerdus, and label you as Nerdus nerdicus. A microscopic insect frequenting halls of academia, particularly in faculty lounges. Larvae source nutrition is from human fecal material from said hosts.

Where'd you get your book learnin so I can be impressed Nerdus? Bye Bye


The truth of the matter is in these affirmations of yourself as being a regular plain ol dumb-ass with your commentary.

If you must know, considering that you exhibit such disdain for institutional learnedness, I've not participated in any formal academia related endeavors for over thirty years now, and never in the halls of higher learning.

So now the only excuse you can fall back on is that you have failed yourself. Well... that or you may just be physically incapable of critical thought, logical inference, and/or deductive reasoning. In which case I suppose you could technically place a modicum of the blame for this on your parents due to genetics. Either way though the buck stops with you solely insofar as your penchant for making such defects public record.

As to the book 'learnin' question. I got it from books obviously. Where else would someone get it?

At this rate you're going to give EA a run for his money to see just who can out dullard the other. It's close. Keep striving. You may yet be able to overtake him.

Good day.

Enough Already

Hey Linda.

We have a cure and it is being suppressed by democrats and big pharma. Democrats because they want as many dead and bad numbers as possible to blame on Donald Trump and big pharma because there is no money in the cure, just that expensive vaccine they want to pump in your arm. A group of practicing doctors, Called America’s Frontline Doctors, held a press conference outside the Capitol. Social Media, the Democrats and the Media went all out to shut down the information provided by these doctors. Facebook, Google/YouTube and Twitter Censored the Viral Video of the Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference. America’s Frontline Doctors website was also shut down. Their point is that they are not going to watch while patients are dying and wait for a cure or a vaccine. There are plenty of studies showing Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is safe. It has been approved by the FDA and used for over 65 years. It is a derivative of quinine which was used in the times of George Washington. There is no need to live in a spider web of fear. HCQ can be used as both a prophylactic and as a cure. It is used around the world and the REAL evidence from REAL doctors says it is effective and saves many lives. You and those like you are just naive fish and you swallow every piece of rancid bait they throw at you. Shame on you.


Your idiocy truly knows no bounds. This may be your absolute dumbest post to date, and that is a very high bar to clear.

Oh yeah, alien DNA/Demon seed are totally real too. And let's not forget about the reptilian governmental agents. These are the beliefs of one of these 'America's Frontline Doctors' which also happens to be the one Trump likes best. Of course you believe in these crackpots. Birds of a feather tend to flock together.

What a joke you are. Seriously. Utter lunacy. Shame on you.

Enough Already

You continue to prove yourself a leftist fool. No one takes you serious but some of of us enjoy taking arrogant asses like yourself for a ride. Wheeeeee!


Amen. Its sad to see the preachers of decree toss hypothesis testing by the wayside while yet claiming facts are on their side. Cases going up and up and up with masks mandate and people still believe and preach, contrary to all hypothesis tests that came before that they stop viral replication. Who knows what they are going to believe next. What we do know is that it will not be hypothesis-tested science but they will feel super smart while parroting it as they divide the state along the ideological lines.

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