An April 23 Daily News headline said: “City of Bowling Green celebrates Arbor Day by giving away free trees.” City workers distribute 13,000 trees with the goal to “encourage city residents to plant more trees.” “Trees are essential to the environment, according to city arborist Jared Weaver.”

If a goal of the city is more trees, why allow the mass destruction of established trees for the sake of more commercial space? Nashville Road and Highland Way is a lovely green space boasting big, beautiful trees – soon to have apartments and stores in their place. The corner of Campbell Lane and Smallhouse Road, with a vacant home and several hundred years combined (24-plus huge trees) tree life, is now for sale as a commercial site.

Has anyone in this city ever witnessed development that didn’t begin by cutting down and burning all the old tree growth? That is a double assault to the lungs: removal of the air-cleaning trees, followed by days of filling same air with acrid smoke, adding to problems those trees had worked to overcome! I’d wager that one or two of those splendid giants would do the work of the 13,000 free trees.

Distribution of some saplings gives lip service to trees’ value, but the city of Bowling Green contradicts itself by allowing the removal of huge scenic trees that clean, cool and slow rainwater runoff. How many more in the area are being sacrificed to “progress?”

A couple of nice, green, walk-accessible parks might be a higher, better use of such properties; however, cool green space and fresh air don’t seem to constitute progress.

Margaret Johnston

Bowling Green

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