Recent discussions in Washington have become heated in Congress regarding raising our national debt limit. Republicans are being portrayed as irresponsible for not agreeing to the raising of the limit. It is argued that it is something that needs to be done so we can pay our bills and meet our fiscal obligations. If there is no approval to raise the debt ceiling, then the country will almost certainly default on its obligations.

Here is another idea and way to look at our federal economic situation and budget that is approaching a $30 trillion debt. Maybe we shouldn't deficit spend in the first place. Especially to the point we know that debt limits will have to be raised to cover our proposals. Perhaps the real irresponsible ones are the Congresses of the past and our present Congress that approved spending to the extent that necessitates the mess we're in today.

America, who are the irresponsible ones regarding our national budget: those who approve spending far beyond anything that this generation or the next could ever hope to pay off, or those who say enough is enough and refuse to rubber stamp the increase?

Robert Sochor

Bowling Green

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