Bailout or political damage control?

Having attended the special session of the Bowling Green City Commission on March 30, it seems clear that the centerpiece of the special session was the narrative that Mayor Bruce Wilkerson read about halfway through the meeting.

As someone who’s familiar with the deals that were made, I’m concerned that our mayor is using his position to put out statements that rely on falsehoods. By the mayor’s own admission, he is the only city official who thinks there was any illegal activity. The city’s staff legal counsel and outside council confirmed to him that it’s unlikely any activity could be considered illegal. Further, if you go back and look at the records, Wilkerson’s name was signed on the sub-developer agreement. The sub-developer agreement references an operating agreement which specifically mentions the ways in which the bond funds in question could be used.

The city’s staff lawyer was provided with all documents for review prior to signing and was the last individual to edit and comment on them. Further, the bond council for Warren County reviewed both documents prior to anyone signing (he is responsible for making sure agreements conform to bond provisions of KRS law). And finally, the mayor should look into whether Mills Family Realty had anything to do with drafting or editing either document before making public accusations.

It seems clear to me that the mayor is simply trying to divert attention from his oversight failures. The other commissioners at least are keeping all options on the table since the deal with the county is the only viable option to keep taxpayer dollars out of the project.

Robert Camp

Bowling Green

— Camp is technology manager for


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