Mr. Mayor, I am a Vietnam veteran.

Do you know what we call people that run yellow in their veins? A rotten coward. Those flags belong to us veterans and the good people of Bowling Green and have the right to pull them down.

You don't have that authority. I'm a Republican, as you are. I don't often agree with Brian Nash, but that was a very cowardly act.

Really either you make a public apology, or you need to resign.

Joe Rozelle

Bowling Green

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Mr John

I could not disagree more, Mr. Rozzell. I too am a VN vet. I appreciate that our mayor had the courage (yes, courage) to make a decision that would prevent rioters from disrespecting our flag.


Those flags don't belong to me. They'd probably charge me with theft I tried to grab one. Personally, the mayor has my support for avoiding potential civil strife. What was next? Riots, list of black owned businesses so that all the white owned chains go out of business? Whites are a minority in Warren County, and thus we (whites) should shut up about our mayor thinking like a submariner and running without the flag when potentially violent threats were heard about.


"Whites are a minority in Warren County, and thus we (whites) should shut up about our mayor..."

Considering that basic observation so obviously eludes you, allow for me to post some factual Data; The 5 largest ethnic groups in Warren County, KY are White (Non-Hispanic) (79.6%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (9.23%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (3.34%), White (Hispanic) (2.38%), and Some Other Race (Hispanic) (2.21%).


You are factually correct on some points. Having said that, that census data is old, and my general remark was related to children and school systems. The news articles on the BGDAILY news regularly reflect that. For example, in a recent year there were more than 500 refugee children who didn't speak English as primary language. There were over 35% ESL learners at one point, and that means at least 35% of the students beyond the already present non-white student demographics. There are more refugees + non-white births than total births annually in warren county. That doesn't include those who migrate for the growing international community outside of refugee status. For all intents and purposes, white children in Warren County are a minority, and that would probably be reflected in at least a sizable portion of the schools if we were to get to nuts and bolts on it.


Also, nationwide, white children became a minority in 2013 in many places, and officially recognized as less than 50% of student population via the census as of 2019. White children are now a minority and the sooner people accept and ditch their foolhardy cursed notions of white supremacy they will shape up their own behaviors to care for the future of all in the nation. Right now, affirmative action helps minorities except for white minorities, for just one example. It's time is clearly past.


That 500 refugee children arriving was in a single year. That's the entire population of a Warren County Public Schools school's worth of children. And that and even more arrived every year. Over the last ten years, Warren County population literally doubled and it wasn't from birth. Every year there were more children brought in and combined with non-white children being born, they outnumbered the entire total births. Race is scientifically meaningless, but the community at large hasn't been paying attention as the entire demographic landscape of the community shifted.


Some paid attention -- the affordable housing push was a good example. But the jobs market was an issue, and there are traffic issues, and so on. It was the fastest growing place in the United States because it was at a 10% growth rate due to relocations.


Didn't the mayor "find" a bleeding woman in his basement? Or was that someone else on city council? Whoever it was , the cops didn't seem too interested. Curious.

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