Every day for the past nine years from 9 to 11 a.m., I can tell you exactly what I was doing. That is, turning on Kentucky Sports Radio to hear the latest from Matt Jones and the callers from around state. I listened as a college student hoping the University of Kentucky Wildcats could win it all in 2012. I listened as I started my career and began a family. I listened as the KSR crew traveled throughout the state sharing what makes the commonwealth so special with people all around the world.

I listened to postgame shows with my dad on late-night drives back to Bowling Green. I planned to keep on listening as long as the show was going. There was no sign that the show was going to end – that is until last week, when the Republican Party of Kentucky filed a complaint to have Matt Jones removed from the radio. It was a petty move that can only be seen as a reactionary move to the upset loss in the governor’s race.

Here’s the big secret: Every KSR fan around the state deep down hoped that Matt would decide not to run for Senate. The radio show has become a huge part of our lives, offering people around the state and country a way to connect with their friends and family through wild anecdotes, current events and Kentucky sports in the most ridiculous manner possible and no one wanted to see that come to an end. Well now, that decision has been made for us. Mitch’s team used politics to show just how out of touch with the state of Kentucky they really are.

Mitch took Matt’s livelihood on the radio. I’m hoping Matt will repay the favor in 2020. #FREEMATTJONES

Andrew Cassady

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

I too listened to Jones as he slyly introduced his political opinions on the radio hinting that he was "considering a run" He was engaged in pre-lubricating his campaign in advance of his official announcement. He had already filed his paperwork and in essence was already campaigning. That is cheating when your employer is paying for the air time. Matt is a goofball and lacks the intellect for politics. Washington DC is not the meaningless sports competition he is used to talking about. He just needs to stick to sports and let intelligent people run for office. Maybe him and Mcgrath can cancel each other out. That would be very entertaining. I will be watching with a bowl of popcorn...

Absolutely Positively

Liberal sports guy who doesn't know anything about politics is upset that rules are being enforced.

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