An open letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell:

Yours was a generally wonderful speech after the impeachment trial, but in spite of the truths it held it still puts you on the wrong side of history. Especially since it is public knowledge that you were responsible for not allowing the trial until after President Joe Biden’s inauguration. At best, you’re a hypocrite. At worst, you’re anti-American. A true “Grim Reaper.”

By not voting guilty, you have empowered Donald Trump to continue to instruct his terroristic army of white nationalists. Your speech about his being guilty has surely riled some of them to think of repeating their vile actions, but this time with far more lethal weapons to assist them in their goal.

I feel sorry for your innocent staff should another attack take place because it won’t matter their party affiliation, they’ll just be random targets of angry White men.

If your goal has been to make a lot of Americans ashamed to be Americans, you have succeeded.

Gayle Reynolds

Bowling Green