The Daily News editorial cartoon on Jan. 20 depicted a Democrat donkey and Republican elephant taking the oath to be impartial in the President Donald Trump impeachment trial. However, both are crossing their fingers behind their backs. The clear intent of the cartoon was to suggest that both parties are being equally biased in the conduct of the trial. That is completely untrue.

I do not doubt, as Republicans often charge, that many Democrats have prejudged Trump’s guilt and may not want to consider evidence that suggests Trump’s innocence, nor that many Democrats are simply hostile to Trump. I personally oppose many Trump policies, most importantly his blind denial of global warming, rolling back of environmental protections, tax cuts for the rich that harm our neediest citizens and are creating an unbearable national debt for our children, and heartless disdain for suffering refugees.

Nevertheless, the charges in the impeachment, supported by substantial if often indirect evidence, are very serious and merit full investigation, including the testimony of knowledgeable administration officials and the presentation of relevant documents. It is only the Republican senators, led by our own Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, who are refusing to hear this evidence and see that a fair and honest trial is conducted.

If they do not allow evidentiary testimony and documents to be presented, McConnell and Paul will clearly be violating their oath to render impartial justice. They will disgrace themselves, and bring dishonor to Kentucky and to the U.S. Senate.

Sam McFarland

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

By now, Sam (if he really cares about fairness) should have had a chance to watch the the Whitehouse council totally obliterate the Democrats case and show them for the partisan lying political hacks they are. Sam should write another letter of apology for being stupid and having it printed in the newspaper. I doubt that will happen though. Being a Democrat means never having to say your sorry...

Come on

Right you are.

Absolutely Positively

At least Sam admits he's biased when demanding that Senate Republicans change the rules to assist the Democrats and the laughably weak partisan case that they presented to the Senate. It's like asking for jurors to be allowed to call witnesses during closing arguments.

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