This morning I saw an ad approved by Sen. Mitch McConnell that I take umbrage with. It is the ad that shows toppling statutes, and protesters taking to the streets to get their message out. The line I take umbrage with the most is the senator saying "they are destroying our heroes."

Those heroes, namely George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, were only heroes to white men. My mom born in 1911 was a early recipient of the right to vote. Women were allowed to vote, but only white women. The Civil Rights Bill was a start, but it didn't take long before the good old boy network found a way to limit participation to black and other minorities.

In this presidential race the Trump strategy is to keep the Democrats from voting in numbers as they did in 2018. We have inherited this world that McConnell perpetuated for 36 years. McConnell commented on Obama, "My top priority is to make sure he is a one term president." You Sen McConnell should have made it a priority for the present president instead.

Janice Miller

Bowling Green

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If you've read my other posts, I have said I still believe we are the best country even on our worst day. I wasn't referring to any political party, but our country. We are a Democracy. As with any entity we are changing and evolving. There is always room for improvement. Industry uses Six Sigma, LEAN, SCRUM, etc to improve what they do. Top athletes still go to practice and use coaches to improve their game. No top performers in any field think they have arrived and can stop working on their craft. Our craft is Democracy and we are the role model. Other countries look to us to see how Democracy is done. We shouldn't take our eye off our performance by getting lost in the weeds of political power struggles; yet that is where we are and it makes us weak as a nation. United we Stand. Divided we Fall.

Enough Already

If you were half as knowledgeable as you would have us believe you would also know that every effort to free the slaves and make amendments for past wrongs was championed by the Republican party, while democrats created the KKK, Jim crow laws, lobbied against civil rights, and held up legislation that they eventually voted against. They are the true enemy of minorities and they are being supported in their effort to put you back on the plantation, by ABC, NBC, CBS, WAPO, NYT and many other leftist media organizations that cheer lead for the democrats who support the riots, looting and destruction of America. The real question here is are you intelligent enough to see through the smokescreen of liberal propaganda? Early indications are you are not. While you enjoy your pity party there are millions of people that want to leave their country and come here to live. They see what you do not, that you are blessed above all people to live in this great country While you want to tear it down, they want to live here. How stupid you are...


Two words; Southern Strategy

If you were half as knowledgeable as you think you are, you'd know that political parties' platforms shift. The current iteration of the Republican party, and more specifically this Evangelically infested cult of Trump wing, can make no claims to being champions for the rights of minorities. Doubt that you'd presently witness many self proclaimed Democrats proudly flying the confederate flag or pining over the lost halcyon days of the Jim Crow era.

The real question here is are you intellectually honest enough to admit it?

That's a rhetorical question. Your commentary, past and present, provides the answer.

Enough Already

"The current iteration of the Republican party, and more specifically this Evangelically infested cult of Trump wing, can make no claims to being champions for the rights of minorities."

And yet after decades of democrat promises to blacks with no results, just year after year of the same campaign promises it took Donald Trump to actually improve their job numbers and economic lot in life. It seems they saw through the democrat subterfuge for one shinning moment and decided not to be played for fools again. Political party platforms do shift, but not the foundational ideas their parties are based on.

Democrats, enslavement of people

Republicans, liberty


I sure what you say makes perfect sense to you and your fellow citizens of Fantasyland.


You sing Trump's economy song pretty well, but what you don't know or don't say is that Trump simply carried on the economic trajectory of Obama. The economy improved more in the last 33 months of Obama's term than in the first 33 months of Trump's. So if anything, Trump's leadership actually retarded the economic progress that the country was experiencing when he came into office.


Until the 1970's women could not get credit in their own name. Once women got married, they lost not only their last name, but also their first. Mary Smith became Mrs. John Doe when she got married. It wasn't so long ago, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was introduced to ensure women received equal rights and it did not pass. Women still typically earn less than men for the same work.

My concern with taking down statues is denying our history. If it is removed, it will be forgotten or rewritten. Terrible things have happened: Trail of Tears, Internment Camps, Slavery. There are people today who deny the Holocaust. But Auschwitz still stands. It can be visited and seen. The Holocaust happened. If it were torn down and made into a park, it would be easy for those wanting to rewrite history to be able to do so.

I think we can take a lesson from Poland. Keep the relics, tell the truth. See our negative history and let it remind us of where we've been and we can do better.

The rabble rousing is just that. In the past political speeches were deemed rhetoric. Now for some reason these empassioned speeches are considered truths and not just persuasive talk. Political ads are just that ads. We can't expect our politicians to give us a fair and complete view; that is not their objective. Their objective is to get elected and gain power. To meet their goal, they have to stir the emotional pot that motivates people to get out and vote. That is why it is our responsibility as citizens to read and investigate issues for ourselves and not listen to the rhetoric.

Does any one else remember when the television was called "the idiot box?"


Your mom sounds like she was a wonderful person, and a brave woman. I understand the pain you feel by the ad using the word, "they". My family members are at an age, where they need government programs like healthcare, disability, and social security. I have done what I can do to help them, but it has been tough and holding up unemployment programs during a pandemic? Did he forget he is suppossed to serve those who elected him, or just his lobbyists, again?

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