It was sad to see the Daily News endorse Sen. Mitch McConnell in an opinion piece by insinuating that Amy McGrath would be a tool of the left. It's an insult to think that a retired lieutenant colonel Marine pilot who put her life on the line by flying 89 combat missions against al-Qaida and the Taliban would be anything but an advocate for this country and, with three children, its future.

McConnell's whole Senate career has been about accumulating power for himself, while Amy's career has been about protecting this country and raising her family. She supports the 2nd Amendment and something that most people agree on – term limits. It's time to elect a younger, patriotic woman to take Kentucky and this nation into the future. Remember, with McConnell, absolute power corrupts and power corrupts absolutely.

Richard Schell

Bowling Green

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If it wasn't for a judge to replace Ginsberg, I would totally agree with this. McConnell has done more than his fair share to ensure Kentucky remains third world level of development and experience related to the rest of the country. But Ginsberg... Ginsburg. We have to a keep a Republican in power until she finally retires.

Absolutely Positively

When liberals spend the content of their letter talking about her military service and not her political platform... that's no accident.


When Trumpian cult members spend the content of their comments talking about damn near anything, it gives all appearances of someone having been dropped on their head one too many times. #sad

Enough Already

When Koheleth weighs in you know it will be less than intelligent. Call it expected...


You're getting desperate.

Enough Already

You are deparate.


uh uh. You are whatever the hell that is supposed to be that you said I was. Your just another stupid idiot traitor loving fascist loser clown. Take that!

Enough Already

Back at you Benedict Arnold.


You wouldn't know a Benedict Arnold from Eggs Benedict you traitorous, authoritarianism loving, mommas basement dwelling, moron.

Tired of being an idiot yet looser?

Enough Already

Not nice Benedict. You have egg salad all over your face.


Not only 'not nice' but not constructive either.

These past few comments (on this thread and others) from me have been nothing more than an exercise in 'flipping the script' and presenting non-arguments, (those which by their very structure can be neither fully substantiated, nor by extension entirely disproved) overt grammatical errors, (of which persons not replying in an emotionally driven rage tend to avoid) and ad-hominem attacks (which persons with verifiable data sets need not resort to) as 'thoughtful' commentary.

This seems to be the preferred method of discourse and as such those making these categorical errors can, and should be dismissed. At least until there is some valid distinctness of point being presented. If a proposition is true (objectively verifiable) then we should accept it. If it is false (not predicated on factual data, of questionable methodology, or merely opinion) we should reject it as a universal truth. If we do not know whether something is true or false, we should reserve judgement until such time as we do. Remembering, as a law of logic, that it is incumbent upon the one making a positive claim to prove its validity.

Then, and only then, can we expect fruitful, constructive correspondence.

And with that, I retire (for now?) the characterization of the 'modern day' interlocutor and close out this chapter of Masterpiece Theater.

I bid all adieu.

Enough Already

You would do well to remember your own lectures.

Some advice whether you want it or not:

"Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it." ~ MAIMONIDES


I'm always receptive to good advice. Everyone should be willing to entertain the idea that they may be mistaken. Such is the path of critical thought, hopefully leading ultimately to intellectual honesty.

Good evening.

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