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I am really having a hard time understanding why we do not know more of what hapened --and more to the point what is happening at this point. Has the Grand Jury met --have they made any decision --has an indietment been handed down. Why was the shooter not taken in at the time and tested for alcohol or drugs (blood test) my son got pulled over a few years ago for weaving ---was not drinking --no indication of drinking --and was taken to jail --blood tested for drugs --(which came back negative) and he was released after spending the night in jail (fo no good reason--he absolutely did not shoot anyone)--so I am at a loss as to how this could happen. The shooter --weather guilty of murder or not--should have gone to jail--and been tested --and been treated like what he was at the time--a citizen of the community --because he was not working at the time in the courthouse and therefore had no standing a a deputy or law enforcement------------SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE---INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE GIVEN TO THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY!


elvisinky: Perfectly true. It's about respecting your 'constituents' more than just hoping you can wheedle yourself back into your office unnoticed next election. That absolutely NO ONE in a local elected office has stepped up and openly declared themselves even to be merely 'looking into' this event says a lot about their character, and it's not good. It's cowardice, and it's crept into BG's 'character' for decades.
I will try as much as possible to be downtown at the justice center tomorrow, to show my support for Mr. Bradshaw, his family and friends, and all those who wonder how far a cover-up can go before we're all worried this could happen to us.

On the event itself: broad daylight, one of the busiest intersections in town, less than 200 feet from the light, where traffic is ALWAYS slow, literally dozens (if not MORE) people passing through this intersection at the time of the killing, apparently ALL inside Michelle's Consignment now utterly silent; the lone gunman's word being spouted at us as 'the honest truth' (his wife sitting in her car, also eerily silent now), the most political attorney in town talking down to us like a bunch of ignorant animals, the 'video news' (WBKO) issuing the most pathetic 'lack' of coverage statements and updates...

NO ONE had a cell phone out that day? Heck--I was on Scottsville Rd. years ago when all four lanes of traffic stopped, and hands with cell phones sprouted from cars instantly to 'video' a mother duck guiding her ducklings across that major road...it ground to a halt for nearly five whole minutes, at LUNCH (a mile of traffic either way stopped, and everybody was gawking, smiling, and rightly so--it was cute).

For this--nobody, nothing, nada. Nobody's 'grown a pair', stepped up, and said one coherent word--even grossly speculative--who was on the scene. No gawkers, no shoppers, no store owners. Creepy, and a condemning factor on 'our' current mindset in BG overall, I might add.

I'm one who will state here my insistence that the local G.O.B.'s owed the shooter 'one big one', somehow. I met him as a cop, and my experience was exactly that--a complete 'brown-nosing', sellout of a cop, who could care less about upholding the law wherever local politics were involved. That story is only a few lines, but I've already said it on another comment, so I'm gonna say only this:

Whether we're all 'healthy' for our 'interest' in Crime Scene forensics, or not, I'd say that investigation needs to look at the angle of entry of any bullets, into that young man, to give evidence as to whether he could have been holding a weapon in a menacing manner toward the shooter, or holding his arm up sideways to minimize the damage being done to him by the shots...and gunshot residue to show whether he'd been holding a gun, or not, regardless of how he held his arm.


The shooting happened in the City Limits of Bowling Green and in broad daylight yet the "City" elected are silent. The "County" elected have followed suit and they to are silent.

One may ask " What business is it of the elected ? " In my opinion our "Elected" no matter if it's the Mayor,Commissioner, County Judge Executive or Magistrates are protectors and defenders of the public trust.

Public trust is an important thing.Public trust is something to be earned and not taken lightly. Enough time has passed that I think our elected should be stepping up and finding out just how much longer the KSP need before they fully disclose to the families and public the events of that day.

As a voter / taxpayer I am curious on just how anyone can be involved in a broad daylight shooting and leave the scene and just go home. I want to know if at anytime the shooter was read his rights, taken to jail,blood tested. Perhaps he was and that information will become public knowledge.

Lot's of gossip,innuendo and "Good Old Boy's" accusations going around. I hope none of the negative proves to be true.I really want to have faith in my elected and appointed officials. That said once the reports are in and if it turns out that the "Good Old Boy" network is alive and well I certainly think the voter / taxpayers need to have sweeping change city and county wide come next election.

Bob Talley
Voter / Taxpayer / Vet


I couldn't agree more. Mr. Bradshaw's family and the public deserve some answers. The state police handling of this investigation has been a joke. If it had been anybody but a law enforcement officer, they would have been locked up when this happened. Every citizen deserves the same treatment by our law enforcement officers and it seems like they are only worried about their own. I feel less safe, after this incident.

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