Name calling has no place in politics

Divisiveness is tearing up the fabric of America. This next election will demonstrate whether we, as a people, are going to remain complicit in its subliminal goal of stratifying us into favored and less favored cohorts. Intolerance of “different than me” used to be a sign of excessive paranoia and evolution stuck on hold, but it has become increasingly prominent as its proponents have adapted current technology for the purpose of recruitment from a distance. Its acceptability has been greatly assisted by an American president who has declined to find such ideologies to be un-American. His persistent rhetoric (with absolutely no basis in fact) of our impending election being subverted and rigged, and his consequential admonition that he will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose is worrisome. Many people I have spoken with express equal apprehension.

It is further concerning that he refuses to deny/refuse the support of supremacy groups and organizations his own FBI would categorize as potential domestic terrorists. President Trump, granted, will say one thing today and do a 180 tomorrow, but not everything should be swept under the rug as just so much vitriol.

He appears to make major decisions based on Fox pundits, murmured conspiracy theories and how they affect Trump personally (instead of our country), rendering him a rather loose cannon come November.

Regardless of who wins, he will be my president and yours. If Mr. Trump is victorious, I wish him the previously unseen gifts of humility, empathy and a newfound respect for environmental stewardship. If America decides four years of a “non politician” experiment was a bust, I hope those supporting him will nevertheless have their grievances addressed by his replacement.

Let’s try relegating the name calling to bad calls on the court.

Gary Verst

Bowling Green

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Enough Already


After 4 years of steady attacks on "his president" liberal calls for a moratorium on name calling and mean stuff, demonstrating he is a tin man, all heart and no brain...


Donald Trump has a penchant for calling his adversaries unflattering nicknames. Does this remind you of a child bully on the playground? Donald Trump is incapable of civility. It's time we reinstate decorum and get rid of this "child" and get an adult in the White House.


"Little Adam Schiff", "Cheatin Obama", Crazy Maxine Waters, Crazy Bernie, SleepyCreepy Joe, Alfred E. Neuman, need I go on. Donald Trump is a grade school bully in a mans body, and you want him to rule the country? Who's attacking whom?

Dr. Strangelove

Let's see, the press, the Democrat Marxist party has incessantly called Trump a racist, homophobe, Hitler, white supremacist, murderer, xenophobe, Nazi, etc. They wish he was dead, wish he was assassinated, to name a few out of hundreds of others of kind statements. I agree. The vitriol should stop but won't.

Absolutely Positively

After months of rampant liberal violence, liberal writes letter complaining that Trump called someone a name.


Rampant liberal violence? Your racism is showing. Go cover it up.


Donald Trump has been using Hitler's playbook to obtain power by invoking extreme nationalism, inciting racism, proclaiming the press to be unreliable so that when they report on his misdeeds, people won't believe it. Unflattering nicknames are wrong, but accurate descriptions of wanna be dictator behaviors are warranted. I remember distinctly how many wished Obama dead without reservations. This hatred must go, or we are in big trouble.

Enough Already

Dear left is wrong,

You show well why this country is so divided. You don't understand the difference between patriotism and nationalism. You listen to the legacy media and trust them to tell you the truth. You are willing to sacrifice the country to install a lying crooked addle brain socialist in the whitehouse because you think he is more presidential. This wreaks of stupidity.

I cannot see how anyone can still believe the legacy media are anything but in the bag for the democrat party but know nothing true believers surface every day. They have gone all in now and are the propaganda arm of the democrat party. The hatred you speak of is flaunted every day by the democrat party.

You are too naïve to vote. Consider sitting this one out.


The media are for the Democrats because they happen to have more at their disposal for the truth than a devoted FOX News watcher.

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