As a former Kinder Kollege teacher (an exceptional preschool institution) and a Kuddly Kare (Montessori-oriented preschool facility co-owner), a Master degreed, Rank One State endorsed Reading Specialist, Psychology minor, multi-state teacher who has run the teaching gamut of elementary, junior high, senior high and above, as a state nominated “Distinguished Educator” and “Hall of Famer,"  I would like to express my delight with various schools thinking about pushing forward the dates for the reopening for the benefit of our young.

Many governors across the country including our own Gov. Beshear have expressed such sentiments. The safety of our children MUST come first, before economics or anything else including any inconveniences of educators going through the processes of redoing what was required initially (and I can't begin to fathom how difficult and wrenching that might be!) But can’t we wait for more optimal times in this COVID-19 era? ... when the community numbers of infections and deaths are lessened? Missing a few more days for observation is not going to hurt that much. I have firsthand experience as a youth who missed many days of school because of illness and surgeries only to emerge after four years as number one, Valedictorian. And remember most children have long summer vacations which do not seem to bother their intelligence quotations or impede their learning disproportionally. In addition, my children (as I am) are minorities whom I allowed to miss as much time as needed for illnesses, etc. They were accepted into and attended for a while before being graduated from the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world with honors or special commendations: Oxford University in England, Harvard in Massachusetts, Duke in North Carolina, Stanford in Palo Alto, Calif. and Georgetown Law in Washington, D.C. I don’t regret for a moment having allowed them to miss a little school as needed.

Angela Townsend

Bowling Green

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I submit that no one who let children take as much time off as they needed, and whose children later attended Oxford, Duke, Harvard, et. al, is qualified to know the child care and socio-economic struggles of the population of Warren County Public Schools or BGISD. It's outside your ken of experience, and therefore you surfed the crest of your elite wave, and don't even fall back to math as a point of common understanding between classes. Therefore your perspective on this, while interesting, is a far far outlier, and in no way indicative of reality. For every teacher who wants out, there are degree'd parents who would step in at the drop of a hat. The education wouldn't be worse compared to not having the education degree'd personage there. The struggle is about more than just jobs that are already lost. The struggle is about more than free money that runs out periodically. The struggle is about the way of life, and you clearly don't have a clue about the struggles of the American family. Your elite cocoon is to far out there.

Dr. Strangelove

Of the 752 deaths attributed to COVID in KY with a population of about 4.5 million, the age demographics have remained the same from the start of this so called pandemic.

80 + years old = 49.5% of deaths (372)

70-79 years old = 24.3% of deaths (183)

60-69 years old = 16.5% of deaths (124)

50-59 years old = 6.6% of deaths (49)

40-49 years old = 2.3% of deaths (17)

30-39 years old = 0.8% of deaths (6)

20-29 years old = 0 as in zero

10-19 years old = 0 as in zero

0-9 years old = 0.1% of deaths (1)

So approximately 74% of deaths are people 70+ years or older

90% of deaths are people 60+ years or older

97% of deaths are people 50+ years or older

- Only one person under the age of 30 has died of COVID YTD

Source: KY Dept. of Health COVID Dashboard 8.6.20

So let's here some more educational professional logic on why kids can't go to school and allow their parents to make a living and lessen the child care expense at the same time. Of course the teachers and educators all get paid regardless. So save your worthless credentials. It's obvious from watching all the young folks demonstrate and tearing things down that Government education has done its job of brainwashing minds and producing illiterate clones.

Best regards


Save your useless statistics as most all of them have been tainted by the politics of this administration in one way or other and all astute observers realize that and they always have.

Comment deleted.

I don't nemecall as I am not that bankrupt for language or thoughts.


Sorry b.ut I don't think children should be possibly expendable just because we have hit hard times...all of us. My prayers.

Enough Already

Nor do I think fear porn concocted by Liberal hypocrites should be the basis for shutting down the nations schools in an effort to win a presidential election by the opposing party.

Ignoring the facts while tooting your own horn is not a good look and right now you don't look very good. May the blessing of wisdom and discernment be in your future as it has escaped you for most of your life...


Stop attacking me and teachers, We are certainly not clones.I have long not accepted statistcs that I need o know more about.

I know nothing firsthand about the legitimacy of those at the KY Dept. of Health Covid Dashboard


Enough Already

Angela, I hope you didn't break your arm pounding yourself on the back.

Among all those prizes you treasure I don't recall one that said anything about a degree in medicine or economics. Probably no one has ever told you this before and it pains me to say it, but you are UNQUALIFIED to weigh in on this decision. I suggest you go back to admiring your trophies as you reminisce about your glory days...


Thank you but More than trophies...they were intended as credentials that would qualify me to offer advice of experience that would be listened to for those who needed and desired it. Parents, educators, and school support staffers across the land are very concerned. My "prizes" as you call them connect me to the greatest prizes in both economics and medicine! Thanks again for your compliments as I read your responses to others many times and they are always uplifting. Keep p the good work!

Enough Already

You're welcome.

Please know that no one is in the US is in agreement on this issue including the so-called experts, but schools have reopened all over the world and yet some Americans seem to think our school systems are unable to reopen safely. The people screaming the loudest are unionized public school teachers who want to be paid but don't want to do the job.

You may be retired but millions of Americans need their children in school in order to to earn a living. It is a fact that school age children are the least likely to die or have a severe reaction to COVID-19. In addition, if Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot. Lowes, and many other commercial and industrial businesses are open why should taxpayer supported school systems get a pass? They shouldn't. Not opening schools is a good way to further damage the economy. Not opening schools is stupid and selfish. We are now 26.6 trillion dollars in debt and accelerating. This attitude that you can keep borrowing without paying back, that there are no repercussions from economic decisions will have a day of reckoning and short sighted naive people like yourself are making it worse. Go back to polishing your trophies. Your advice stinks.


I never make personal attacks like advice sttinks because I thought they were against the rules and becauae I am not bankrupt for words and ideas.


Enough Already, your profile name is more than apropos. Probably no one has ever told you this, and it pains me to say it, but It doesn't take much reading between the lines to know who is behind that persona in any of the comments you publish. Speaking of "pounding," you must be incredibly proud of your own pounding on a retired teacher and senior citizen in the community. Obviously, educators are among the most qualified to speak on this topic. After all, they are the ones risking their safety to provide a public service. But not for the value of this public service, your discussion on the "more relevant' topic epidemiology would be moot. I suggest you go back to school, if for nothing else than a refresher in character education.

Enough Already

I submit to you that educators have skin in the game but so do people in restaurants, grocery stores, commercial and industrial establishments that you frequent.

Educators are no more qualified than any parent that has a child in the public school system to weigh in on this subject and they seem to be a lot less arrogant about it. Schools have reopened all over the world and yet our schools should not? What's wrong with this picture?

People go to work each day in the private sector and don't whine about having to wear a mask to serve you. If they are essential then so are schools. They may not be pampered public school teachers on the teat of the tax payers, but they do their jobs without the excuses teachers are so quick to offer.

Open the schools already and stop pretending teachers are martyrs. They are not!


The article you are responding to is about the welfare of our children our most precious element who have yet to prepare for and "have skin in the game" as you characterise it.

Please read carefully and stay focused! I am sorry if you had a tough time in school and feel the need to bash all teachers, everywhere, in real time today AND so many teachers Are Martyrs; I have worked with them, and my children have benefited from them and I am grateful,.


I defy anyone to do what they do everyday,


Yes. He is the clown show that is Eric Wheeler.


Having owned, operated etc. a dayccare center with my elderly nother certainly qualifies me in the area of economics;a minor in psychology from the University of

kentucky does the same for medicine



Enough Already

I know you think much of yourself but you are in the minority as real world comments above attest to. The fact is you just like recalling your education which in the end left you "qualified" to teach glorified pre-school to children who have not yet learned how to think. Potential is interesting but performance is what counts. You must be so proud. I am assuming you have an advanced degree in nose wiping and potty training also? Don't be shy! If you've got it, flaunt it, you have everything else.

Like any liberal, in or out of the closet, you presume that expensive schools and unimpressive titles qualify you to decide other peoples future, and when called out on your silly argument you go to the ever reliable and tear jerking liberal trope, "But it's for the children!" The statistics, which you are in denial of (the children!) are posted above in another comment and they easily blow your silly excuses out of the water.

Operating a daycare center as qualifications for economics on a national scale is ridiculous on the surface and the idea that a minor in psychology makes you an expert in epidemiology is also a good laugh. Is there anything that the arrogant with a degree think they aren't qualified to do? I think not and the proof is the puffed up author of this letter to this newspaper...


I never liked to be in a cesspool of unrelated arguments and that is what this is deteriorating into and,yes I am better than that. So no more comments from me to this group. Bye.

Enough Already

And a less than fond farewell to you and a hearty good riddance!

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