I could just send a copy of Larry Causey's letter in Sunday's (Oct. 18) paper, and it would be my sentiments: "Democrats' proposals would hurt our nation."

Yes, it is troubling to drive around Bowling Green and see the number of Biden-Harris yard signs.

I might recommend your driving to Franklin, Tenn., if you want to be encouraged. I, along with family members, were there Oct. 18. The Trump-Pence signs were not small yard signs. These were more like commercial signs. They made the statement they were intended to make and they were there in great numbers.

I do wonder what Democrats are proposing for our country? I do know that if we continue to allow our unborn babies to be killed by the millions, our land will never be healed!

Ruth B. Compton

Bowling Green

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The reason you don't see any Trump signs here is because the party is trying to sell them. [huh]


Wouldn't one just look at all or most of the Democrat run states and cities especially the ones where most of the rioting and looting is and figure it out. Is this how you want you're country to be? There are good and bad on both sides of the political coin but it seems that the Democrats really feed off of the ones that they can manipulate into being a victim or having something owed to them. I wonder if these places will have a large exodus of retailers that are tired of being looted every time someone doesn't agree with any situation leaving another inner city that the population is trapped in and can't get out.


Most Biden supporters I know are afraid of Trump supporters' actions if they put up a sign regarding their choice for president. Regarding your puzzlement of the Democratic agenda, I suggest you get off FOX News and get online to find out. While you're at it, you might try to find the Republican agenda for health care, balancing the budget, etc. Oh, wait. They have no plan.

Enough Already

Most Biden supporters are closet socialists but too naïve to know the endgame for democrats is full-blown communism.

It is go for broke for democrats who have slid all the way to the far left of the political spectrum. They have nothing left to gain. Communists like AOC and Ilan Omar now set their party platforms. Four years of bogus charges to overturn the 2016 election has failed and the crimes and collusion of the democrat party are about to be revealed for all the world to see. If the democrats aren't victorious, they know many of them are going to jail. Our legacy media has been bought outright and are complicit in this scheme. No longer do they cover news or do serious investigative journalism. They have become the propaganda arm of the democrat party. They suppress or ignore news detrimental to democrats and they refuse to investigate democrat scandals.

Social media has also corrupted the truth, removing anything critical of Biden and the democrats while allowing negative ads and comments about Trump and the Republicans.

Only fools reject the first-hand accounts of Cubans in south Florida, who fled Cuba to get away from Castro. More recently Venezuelans bought the socialist line that things would be a utopia if they put them into power. It is wonderful now, but only for the people at the top of the socialist party. Like clockwork they fulfilled Lenin's logical agenda, "The reason for socialism is communism." Venezuela is now a totalitarian state. The average person is eating dogs and cats to survive.

The left is not only wrong but as the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop has revealed, evil, greedy, perverse and criminal. Democrats want no borders, or ID to vote. They push cheat-by-mail because it makes it much easier to manufacture illegal votes for the democrat party. They support ANTIFA and BLM. The mayors of these democrat cities tie the hands of police as their paid "protesters" riot, loot, rape, and burn their cities to the ground. Their attorneys refuse to prosecute those that are arrested and they require no bail to get out. There will never be another America. If you give democrats power back this year, they will seal the deal and you will never get your freedoms back again.


You sound panicked. What are you to do with yourself when your cult is ultimately invalidated? You've invested your entire being into promoting the order, and could quite possibly become totally irrelevant very soon. That's gotta be tough. Guess you could hope that coronavirus may eventually free you of your self imposed misery so that you could finally get on to the singing of Kumbaya in the clouds.

Who knows.

Enough Already

Not in the least. It is important that people be reminded of what a traitorous bunch of criminals the democrat party is composed of. There are many clueless people who vote democrat and do not understand what they are voting for. If I can help just one of these simple mushrooms come to the truth, I will have done a great service for my country. Much of what is happening seems to be a replay of the 2016 election where the lying media and the democrat party told us Trump had no chance. They made sport of the possibility that anyone might think he would win. In spite of democrat schemes it will be a landslide for Trump. Get ready for Part Deux my leftist friend. Now is the time to stock up on party favors if you are a Conservative because it is going to happen again, in spades!


I wouldn't be so confident my friend. You may find yourself in a situation similar to the one some of those in Omaha did. But sure, perhaps the GOP strategies for vote suppression will work. Time will tell.

Enough Already

GOP voter suppression? Surely you jest. The democrats would propose proxy voting of farm animals if they thought it would fly. As far as the outcome, I will stand firm that this will be a bigger blowout for Republicans than 2016, but I fully expect democrat violence in the streets this time as they reject yet again an election they don't like the results of.

Can you believe it has already been four years since the last time the democrats had their butt kicked? I look forward to the somber moods and long faces as the "journalists" from the legacy media give us the results. It seems like just yesterday that Ernie was singing the praises of the infallible Nate Silver's predictions. Time really flies when you are having fun...


I jest not. If Trump loses are you going to accept the result? Are you confident that there will not be violence arising from the Trumpian cultists should their dear leader take an undeniably prodigious shellacking? It is a fact of history that you are a master of projection after all.

Nothing left to do now but wait.

Enough Already

I will accept the results of the election providing there is not a flood of LATE arriving absentee ballots following a win on election day used to change the results after the fact. This is the lefts strategy if it does not go their way on November 3rd. They have already said this is what will happen. Unless this was their plan they would not be telegraphing what they intend to do. Even then, I will not take to the streets and destroy, loot and burn like democrats do. That behavior will not happen at all by the right, although there may be real protests. If there are protests, ANTIFA and BLM will come out and start a confrontation which the legacy media will immediately attribute fault to the right.

Your concerns are completely unfounded but I do expect the left will go completely off their nut when Trump wins just like they did at his previous inauguration. You remember that don't you? Remember the nut job democrats roaming the streets in DC, breaking windows and threatening more violence if the election was not overturned? That was a rehearsal for what we saw this summer when the soft coup in Congress failed. I expect a replay of that only worse. If federal troops shoot to kill to stop the coup, it will be absolutely justified and long overdue.

Look, if you will not buy party favors for our victory, at least stock up on popcorn. The legacy media's coverage should entertain both sides, communists and Republicans.


This will be my last reply on this topic until after the election, however long it may take to tally all the votes.

The FBI has decisively put to bed the notion of this 'leftist' violence that you and your ilk keep harping on and lays the blame directly at the feet of right wing extremist. I know that your preferred echo chamber screw ball conspiracy theorist propaganda spewing disinformation mills have convinced you otherwise, but the facts are what the evidence shows. I also know your proclivities to acceptance of flat earth level evidentiary standards as it pertains to anything deemed confirmatory to your fantastical worldview and that you will merely pull some other crack pot 'proofs' out of your posterior in another futile attempt to save face, so proceed if you feel the need, but don't expect another rebuttal from me on an issue that is settled. And whether you choose to believe it or not the former is just that.

Catch up with you in a few days to compare notes.

Enough Already

I know denial is important to you in order to maintain the democrat plausible deniability plan but it really is out there. It is couched in "if" language but they know they are about to lose by a landslide so this is their way of planning in advance when they decide the election was not legitimate and Biden is the loser. They always have their assets in place in advance as we saw all this summer with skids of bricks strategically dropped off in areas to be targeted with violence. In case you would like to read it (No Obligation) here it is on Scribd.


I will talk to you after the election.


As promised, here I am checking back in. Now what? Guessing you'll be trying the 'it was rigged' or maybe some variation of the 'missing, stolen, insert whichever conspiracy theories your handlers are promoting now' tripe.

Whichever route you choose just know this, they are all irrelevant now. Time to get on with repairing the damage.

Cheers and good evening.

Enough Already 2

And a good evening to the “Preacher”! It appears that you have again set Mr Wheeler up and dropped him on his head. I doubt that it will temper any outburst coming from him, but like tRump, Mr Wheeler is obviously a loser, and I’m pretty sure he will be a sore loser. Since tDump has no current charges pending, I am assuming he will not be able to pardon himself. Does anyone suppose anyone in the Biden administration will be interested in negotiating a plea bargain with tRump?

What say ye?


All I can say about that is; https://www.bgdailynews.com/news/are-you-glad-to-see-the-end-of-election-season/poll_23e34f7c-1d0f-11eb-8eec-b70eb1a49d60.html?mode=comments

EA2, thank you for your viewership of these exchanges, as well as your inputs in combating the EA (EW), AP, BR (DS), et al types and their relentless assaults against factual knowledge and the very fabric of discernable reality.

I raise a glass and wish a good evening to you sir.

Enough Already

Regardless of media telling you the election is over it is not. Bush Gore went on for 30+ days after the election. With all the documented evidence of voter fraud the SCOTUS will decide this. No amount of propaganda disbursed by the media will change anything. It is over after they have resolved all challenges. Not that it matters to you but a little reading material:






Enough Already

Once all the votes in several states that have been fraudulently recorded are corrected, this will change the outcome of the election. This "glitch" is intentional and there is even more to be uncovered. Get ready for the ANTIFA/BLM/democrat thugs to burn cities again.



You remain in conflict with reality.

Your propaganda has failed you, but the fault ultimately lies with you.

Good day.

Enough Already

No matter how this election eventually turns out I am not in conflict with reality, but neither do I intend to jump to conclusions that the media is pushing and so many lemmings are already parroting. Election theft is serious. This time the courts will decide it, not the media. Stay tuned...


Tell you what EA/EW, how about let's make a little wager?

If Trump stays on as POTUS, I will commit to NEVER posting to this medium again in any shape, form, or fashion on ANY topic. And I mean NEVER again. (Unlike when you wrote in as EW to say you'd never submit another letter to the editor and roughly two weeks later proceeded to do just that. I however am a man of my word)

Now, of course, if Trump is removed from the White House January 2021 this would mean that you MUST abide by this gentlemanly agreement to NEVER post to this medium again in any shape, form, or fashion on ANY topic thereafter as well.

Is that too much to ask? Are you so sure in your views of discernable reality that you see that there is no way you can lose? This could be your opportunity to shut me down for good. To publicly cook my goose. To win all the marbles. To have one less individual to check you on your debased ignominy and allow you to run wholly unfettered in disseminating your fantasy land worldviews.

So, the only question left to answer is... are you game there big guy?

Enough Already

We should probably clear up a few things.

1. I am not Eric Wheeler. I admire the man but it is not me. I am reasonably sure that after licking his wounds of the 2016 election, Ernie Ezell reappeared as EA2. Lack of original thought is one of his hallmarks and his handle bears that out.

2. I am not sure that President Trump will remain in office. History is replete with countries falling to communists and leaders replaced with usurpers by illegal means.

3. It sounds very much like you desire that I surrenderer my free speech rights. I don't care if you post again or not but I intend to stay put and remind you and other closet communists of the results of your foolish decision should criminal Biden and communist Harris steal this election.

4. God works through all of this to accomplish his will whether you or I understand it. I have read the last chapter of the book and I know who wins. I am at peace either way.


1- If you say so, but my sleuthing skills are fairly spot on most of the time. Given your penchant for lying, I'm going to remain skeptical on this one. Not that it really matters mind you. Your admiration for authoritarianist/fascists supporters and regimes is duly noted.

2- He won't

3- Not at all. I was just proposing a litmus test to check and see if you were so sure of your reality that you'd agree to the terms. I knew that even if you did accept that you would renege. You're just that type. See #1.

4- I've read this mythology as well. Consider me unimpressed. Needs more dragons.

Good Day.

Enough Already

1. Losers such as yourself continue to strain at gnats and swallow camels. Such is the way of socialist sycophants, or as Lenin would call you, “useful idiots”.

2. You could be right about this but then again Trump is not a politician; he is a patriot unlike Biden who would sell his mother for a buck which I believe may have been the case in some of his family business deals. (Check that laptop!)

3. Unlike yourself I do not agree to things I have no intention of following through on. Your past performance shows you would just change your handle like Ernie did and pretend you are the new fresh-faced communist on the block. How many names have you had now? Dod Gleaner? DG? Oh, that’s right, your current name is Koheleth. When the time is right, I suggest Vladimir; it really fits you.

4. Time will tell, but me thinks you protest too much.


1- ha


3- hahaha


Good evening there funny guy.

Enough Already

Back at you Vladmir!

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