Opening doors in times of need defines Christianity

In the brutally cold weather we have experienced, I sincerely hope that every church in this area opened their doors to the homeless population of Warren County.

Some churches participate in “Room at the Inn,” which provides sleeping accommodations, a hot dinner and breakfast, a place to bathe and to wash their clothing. Frankly, every Christian church in this area should be participating in that program.

This is especially true of any church that claims to a “Christian” church. If they are not already doing something along these lines, then they are not truly Christian at all.

After all, Jesus enjoined all of his followers to see his face in every person in need.

Regardless of denomination, all Christians have an obligation to assist the needy. In this kind of weather, is their anyone more needy that those without warm shelter?

Lynton Stewart



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With those high marginal rates the interstate defense system was built in about 20 years. Now, with the low rates it takes a decade for a 20 mile stretch of road. Back then wages also followed productivity, because the bonus of 600,000 for a guy making a million a year wasn't so worth it sense 500,000 of it would be eaten by taxes. So instead of doing that and driving inequality off the charts, the businesses increased wages across the board for workers. That doesn't happen much anymore. There are lots of local businesses with people who have worked five or ten years with no raises.

Enough Already

Stop whining and put your money where your mouth is; move to California or New York and revel in those "high marginal rates" you so admire. Between those 2 states and Illinois they are in a race to see who can hit bottom first. I see no reason you should be left out and you still have time to help them in their quest. With your politics you will fit in nicely and there is no point in you being frustrated by people in "flyover" country. Best wishes for a speedy trip...


A tax increase of about half a percent would pay for studio apartments for all of them and poof, the problem is solved. For the tither's that's 1/20th of what they are supposed to donate. Oddly, the vast majority of them would not support such a thing. That was evident from the civil vote thing the paper ran a while back.

Enough Already

There is a big difference between voluntarily giving and being forced to under penalty of law. Your communist tendencies are evil and never stop at just one thing. As history proves, once the camel gets his nose under the tent he takes it to the ground. We are already paying for ridiculous amounts of waste through government programs. People like you are now proposing income tax increases from 50 to 90%. Why be so coy? We know you want it all to redistribute by an all powerful government agency so your workers paradise can be installed. When will you people learn? You may need to move to California or New York to be happy. I understand thinly disguised communists like yourself can live like a king there. I encourage you to go as soon as possible and stop whining about it here. Think of it, you can have it all right now!

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