I was disheartened to see The Washington Times opinion piece (“History of hypocrisy plagues Biden’s message of unity”) in Sunday’s Daily News. I had hoped that our Bowling Green newspaper might step up to become one of the healing voices we need right now in the country – and here in our local community. Instead, it chose to publish an article from a very conservative and controversial newspaper, founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and still owned by the Unification Movement, to smear our incoming president-elect.

I expect more from my community’s leaders than this.

If we voted this year, I think it's safe to say that we all won some and lost some. We’re a diverse group of people and have varying experiences, perspectives and needs. However, it’s been documented over and over that most of us can come together on many issues and, if we’re willing, tackle and solve big problems.

In order to do this, though, we have to start building trust in each other again. The Sunday opinion piece, taking up almost one full page in the editorial section, did not help.

I’d like to challenge the Daily News to find, write and publish more pieces that bring readers together rather than fanning the flames of distrust. You have a unique opportunity right now to help support our community find the common ground we need to work together and go forward. I hope you’ll consider it. That would be community service at its best, and community journalism at its most powerful.

Eileen Arnold

Bowling Green

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I wonder if she had the same opinion of the newspapers and media bashing our President for the last 4 years

Enough Already

The truth hurts and there are always those that wish to suppress it. We are fortunate that Bowling Green has a newspaper that thinks enough of its population to print the truth instead of propaganda. If you want your ears tickled instead of the truth try the NYT or the WAPO.


"I expect more from my community’s leaders than this."

And therein lies the problem my dear.

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