I am 88 years old and I have never seen our nation in such a mess as we are in now. Joe Biden can't be that ignorant. He has got to be in China and Russia's hip pocket or he hates President Trump so bad he is willing to destroy our nation. Whatever his motive, he is giving our nation away.

Look at Anthony Fauci. I played his stupid game for 20 months and the only thing I say for him is make up your mind and learn how to tell the truth. I think it is getting to look like he started the COVID. If he didn't, he wouldn't keep telling all those lies.

I was glad to see Mr. Rand Paul put Fauci in a position that he had to lie after swearing to tell the truth and still told a bare-face lie.

I saw Barack Obama say if you have never done anything, then attack your opponents.

When hate overrides common sense, we wind up with a Biden or Obama or Kamala Harris. Look at our borders. Our people are seeing our country fall.

You are entitled your opinion and so am I.

A third world country is not good.

Shirley Basham

Bowling Green

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