We have become an incredibly selfish and increasingly partisan society.

Sure, we occasionally come together and support each other during times of tragedy; just witness the outpouring of compassion and assistance when a natural disaster strikes.

But how we treat each other during trying times is not what truly defines who we are; it’s how we treat each other on a daily basis that really counts. And my sense is, both as individuals and as a society, we are much more self-centered and insensitive to the plight of our fellow citizens than previous generations.

My grandparents, who were not perfect, nonetheless routinely made sacrifices for people they didn’t even know. They rightly believed it meant more to be an American than it did to be a Republican or a Democrat.

Maybe it had something to with living through the Great Depression. I’m old enough to have heard the stories of their hardship firsthand. People took care of each other, regardless of their political affiliation, religious alignment or where they were born. Dichotomous thinking seems to be a distinguishing characteristic of low intelligence and lack of empathy.

The Founding Fathers obviously understood the importance of individual rights and personal responsibility. At the same time, they also had a profound respect for the “common good,” and incorporated this guiding principle into the fabric of our nation.

As for those myopic, finger-pointing readers who care more about assessing blame than actually solving problems, neither side of the aisle seems immune from the current epidemic of self-indulgence and narrow-minded narcissism.

Conservatives can be just as misguided as liberals.

The real danger to our collective future is not from terrorists, global economic competition or illegal immigration. Rather, our greatest threat is from within.

Left unchecked, our unbridled preoccupation with ourselves will be our ultimate undoing.

Aaron W. Hughey

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

"Dichotomous thinking seems to be a distinguishing characteristic of low intelligence and lack of empathy."

You say dichotomous thinking as if it is always a bad thing when it is not. God gave us the ability to make decisions based on whatever input we have and many times it is black and white, other times it may not be. Your kind of flawed thinking results in no real absolutes. With no truth we are left with a murky gray area designed to not upset anyone who disagrees with us. This is wrong! This kind of flawed logic gave us situational ethics which is used to justify behavior, ethics, and morality. This has resulted in actions there was no defense for a generation ago. Many times it falls into the PC universe where entire words have been redefined and twisted into a pretzel so meaning is obscured. The country is in a cultural fight for its life right now because socialist and communists are trying to win hearts and minds to "fundamentally change the country". They are the ones with the attitude and the dichotomous thinking. Those of us who disagree are merely trying to not end up like Venezuela. I'm not suggesting anyone should be cruel, but don't ever compromise what you believe, think, or say when you are right.

One more thing - Why would you insult people of low intelligence and lack of empathy and then proceed to lecture everyone about dichotomous thinking?


If you possessed one ounce of self awareness...

Le Ecrivain

The Boomers and remaining Silents wont ever understand. They had lifetime employment back then. Now they don't, and firms are prioritizing people based on immutable characterstics and deprioritizing the children of the natives for thriving. Home prices are so high nobody can afford them from new generations. All these people who grew up poor rememeber something in common - land and selling stuff like a hog. Nature's capital is not available to newer generations because the richest in American history decided to offshore and destroy it. Then when the game is realized, they decide to prioritize all the non-natives and females for everything so the males born here can no longer thrive. Partisanship is all that's left. It's a farce that your fellow americans care about you. They don't. They like your suffering because it makes them ever so marginally more likely to thrive. That's what Darwinism has wrought.


Okay, but... pardon me, I haven't a clue as to what it is exactly that you are on about.

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