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Enough Already

There is a big difference between tobacco and coal. For tobacco no replacement is necessary because you do not need it to live in the present day world. Coal on the other hand is plentiful and a cheap source of energy to power today's lifestyles.

Not everyone can afford renewable energy sources because 1, they are expensive and 2, they are not dependable nor scalable to the amount necessary to replace coal. You will say nuclear is dangerous even though it is inexpensive and the least polluting of all. Hydro has alreay maxed out. That leaves natural gas, but it is more expensive than coal. Under Obama, coal was made expensive to push other fuel sources. Now that coal killing anti-competitive rules have been repealed coal is once again the low cost fuel. Unfortunately Obama succeeded in driving up our energy costs with the conversion of power plants to natural gas, joke windmills, and silly solar farms. When natural gas becomes the cheapest way to go, you won't have to force power companies to convert plants with anti-competitive laws but they are still going to produce carbon emissions. I know that terrifies you. If government would get out of the way this will happen when the market will support it and power bills will not go up drastically to "save the planet".

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