My establishing a friendship with Pauline Webster is the rest of the story. Her fame as a madam of a brothel for 42 years continues to be revived. Our friendship began on Nov. 7, 1973.

The Eastwood Baptist Church was in a revival meeting. Malcolm Grainger, our song leader, and I visited in her home on Redwood Drive. She gave us a cordial welcome, inviting us to join her in her living room. After the formalities of the visit, I told her we had come to talk with her about Jesus Christ. She replied that she was unworthy, but we assured her of his love.

I asked if Malcolm, with her permission, would read some Scripture verses to her. She agreed in a spirit of humility. After he read a few verses, I asked if she would pray with us. I extended my hands. She pulled me toward her and began to weep as she confessed her sin, asked forgiveness and invited the Lord Jesus into her life. Her face was aglow.

As we prepared to leave, I invited her to worship that night. She thanked us profusely for our visit and bore a countenance resembling the face of someone who had just recovered from a long illness.

A friend invited her to attend the revival with her. She came forward, as in the Billy Graham Crusades, acknowledging her commitment to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She was baptized Feb. 17, 1974, after weekly Bible studies in her home.

She moved to San Antonio to be near her son. We talked frequently by phone. She asked if I would conduct her funeral. I told her it would be an honor.

She died June 8 and was buried June 11, 1992, in Fairview Cemetery.

James Britt

Bowling Green


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Le Ecrivain

If she'd been Asian offering massages instead of pimping out women slavery style those aristocratic southern folks with their soft spots for children's coats would have thrown the books at her.


Hope you read her my personal favorite passage. Ezekiel 23:20 I'm sure she would've gotten a kick out of that one.

Enough Already

Considering your lack of intelligence your comment is not unexpected

Le Ecrivain

I thought it was a good verse recollection. St. Paul should have left a list of requirements for sunday school teachers like he did bishops. Then we could keep people from standing in front of teachers talking about when they sold crack, drank heavily, went on carchases, or pimped out women, and then turned out just fine.


The thing about EA is that he's a poster child example of projection. Give him enough rope and he will routinely hang himself, then attempt to flip script and accuse others of the very things he's been demonstrated as being. Not exceptionally bright that one.

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