The word "politician" is the most vulgar word I now know.

I see most of them as the consummate embodiment of all evils humanity is capable of manifesting. Their signatures in blood to a Republican or Democratic contract fuses over time with a Washington, D.C., version of civil service (self service) molding them into ineffective demagogues. I suspect many of them were, at one time, decent renditions of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," but whatever Party they sell their souls to requires (apparently) their abdication of self, relegating them to being drones of their respective political gangs. Independent thought is not only not wanted but considered treasonous and grounds for severance of their privileges of membership (money/power/recognition).

We voters are forced into one camp or the other, even though most of us have values and concerns that are distributed within the religions of both parties. Not only that, sound bites are provided to suggest that the most radical members of each camp represent the majority in that camp and that is just not the case. It is not at all uncommon for a strong environmentalist to want a balanced budget or an avid protector of the border to believe in social justice. We are suckered into believing that we are either "with us or against us," polarizing every American and eliminating the option of being in the middle because taking sides benefits and justifies the existence of these "parties."

Until the day comes that we can admit to ourselves that these political parties currently in existence are more harmful than helpful, we need to stop generalizing that all people who aren't clones of ourselves aren't "them"; they are just Americans with different views.

Gary Verst

Bowling Green


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