Really, Associated Press? As President-Pretend Joe Biden basks in artificially ramped-up media glory, you are clearly helping to propagate this false veneer of victory. He is NOT president-elect, until either Donald Trump cedes the election to him or Congress certifies the electoral process Jan. 6.

In AP stories published in the Nov. 9 edition of the Daily News, the lead article refers to him as "president-elect." Does the AP not understand how our electoral process works? The second front-page article states that Trump “faces a stark choice now that Democrat Joe Biden has won the White House: Concede graciously for the sake of the nation or don’t – and get evicted ...” “After nearly four tortured days of counting yielded a victory for Biden, Trump was still insisting the race was not over.”

The only correct statement here is that the race is “not over."

While massive DNC, media, corporate and elitist forces are doing everything possible to clinch this fraudulent election, evidence of corruption is rising like a tsunami. Rigged machines, mysteriously-stopped counting, hundreds of thousands of ballots "found" all marked coincidently for Biden, affidavits of corruption by the hundreds, election-observing laws blatantly violated, whistle-blowing and video evidence of fraud coming out of the woodwork, and on and on and on.

Far from prematurely embracing this travesty, the real story that should be reported is the vast scope of this electoral fraud, which amounts to a coup against our very form of government. Can we get this covered by an unbiased source, please?

Until all legal ballots have been certified and counted, and all illegal ballots have been identified and eliminated from the count, every citizen who wants to see our Constitutional Republic survive should be furiously demanding that this election be thoroughly audited, sanitized and indisputably verified.

Grant Fox

Bowling Green

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Enough Already 2

Poor Mr. Fox is all wound up in the false propaganda from tRump, but the bottom line is that Mr. Fox and soon to be former President tRump are both losers. Mr Fox in that his preferred candidate is actually a loser, and Mr tRump because he has always been a loser!

But President Elect Biden is making great strides in putting some of tRump's stupidity behind us! Of course, tRump will not actually go away, but at least our President Elect will give us some hope of a better America.


Rudy, is that you?

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