Has anyone else noticed that Democratic governors of mainly blue states have shut down our economy, achieving their political goals? They have even changed primary election dates, as Kentucky to June 23, even while predicting a COVID-19 resurgence in the coming months. Closed down and singled out gun stores in particular. Now, thanks to brilliant foresight, Kentuckians thrown onto unemployment rolls face the total loss of benefits by mid-summer.

The federal House of Representatives, Democrat-led, is proposing another ill-timed and bloated stimulus bill of $4 trillion on top of the trillions of dollars that have already been spent in the effort to mitigate damage done to our national economy and the expansion of our national debt. Included within the $4 trillion Democrat poison-pill bill are gun-control measures and other political, money-squandering pet Democrat projects.

President Donald Trump's flourishing American economy is being trashed completely because of a Chinese virus and Democratic dictator policies that might ultimately lead to a complete economic collapse. Printing more money only leads to hyperinflation and depression. China now holds most of our national debt, which we can barely pay the interest on.

Even though I and my household are at high risk of death from COVID-19, America must go back to work! All Americans at risk must protect themselves, as best we can. If America's economy fails, we all fail and the consequences will be catastrophic. Conditions like malnutrition, starvation, preventable deaths, bodies in the streets and soaring crime rates could be the new face of America.

Gerald Keyser



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When all of this is over and thousands of elderly and disabled have died, I'm wondering which president will take credit for saving Social Security.


Do us all a favor, follow your leader and take hydroxychloroquine. Help thin the gene pool and reduce re-pubic-con magical thinking.


"There are none so blind as those who will not see"

Enough Already

How about you follow through and leave Kentucky? I believe you said we were "narrow minded" and had an "either/or mentality". We already have too many educated idiots and we sure won't miss you. Most of us do agree on this. Leave already...


well you are the ONLY one saying anything, yet you claim "many of us ...". I'm sure you do NOT speak for everybody else. You must be pretty "sensitive" to hold onto my words so tightly. Or you know I speak truth. Either way, ... again ... bugger off redneck bible thumper

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