In these days of what seems like every government-related office being sealed shut and no one present to help, I was pleasantly amazed at the superb customer service offered this past week from the Warren County PVA Office.

We have acreage at our home on Plano Road and had been receiving a farm ag exemption for more than 10 years. Due to legislation being passed (mostly geared to the horse farms around Lexington) a few years ago, we had lost that exemption.

When I stopped by the PVA office last week, I was warmly greeted by Gina Goff, who offered to assist us getting the ag exemption back on our farm. Goff worked with Susan Lewis, the interim PVA, and was able to help us re-secure the exemption on our farm. Kudos to both of these wonderful people and the job that they're doing.

After many years of Bob Branstetter's great leadership in the PVA office, now that he is recently retired, I believe Lewis and Goff have a firm grip on the reins and have the office providing great customer service as it should. How refreshing it was to speak to and get personal assistance from a couple of industry professionals. Keep up the great work.

Dave Coldwell

Bowling Green

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