I am a Democrat, always was and always will be. I want no confusion about that, because this letter is about saving the Republican Party.

I've written before about growing up in a time where both parties were respected. My father taught us that both parties had the future of America and its people as their chief interest. Each party just went about it in a different way.

I am urging you to vote and get rid of Bevin, Trump and McConnell. I realize that would mean a Democrat would be in those positions.

The Republican Party needs to be restored to a party of decency and American values. I believe that balance in the American political system is a good thing. The Republican Party can never return to its previous status with Bevin, Trump and McConnell at its helm. Trump has total disregard for America, unless it benefits him.

McConnell is more intelligent, but is undermining the American system of government for his own benefit. Any activity in Congress must benefit him or his party, the American people are way down on the list.

Bevin is not a Kentuckian. He constantly reminds us that he is an outsider, and with the way he talks about hard working people, I believe him. Calling teachers names and trying to steal their pensions is nothing a true Kentuckian would do.

Republicans need to take their party back, by cleaning house, and that just may mean electing Democrats. There will be plenty of decent, true Republicans that will step up and lead the Republican Party back to respectability. I believe there are intelligent Republicans who want their party to be great again. Give them a chance to lead.

Anna Sue Heller

Bowling Green


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Republicans push to stop Food Stamps and other Safety Nets = Americans DIE. This makes Republicans the Villains, murdering needy Children, Women, Veterans, Disabled etc. So, if you believe that Americans should DIE, then get the hell out of the USA, you are an Enemy of our Country.

Absolutely Positively

This is like any other liberal plea for us to save the GOP, which always translates to "Stop electing people that we can't control," and only gets offered when things aren't going their way. They weren't worried about conservatives (and weren't offering any advice) when the Democrat Party won the presidency and controlled both houses of Congress.

There's not going to be an impeachment, their Russian collusion nonsense was debunked, and nothing else they come up with is sticking? "HERE, LET US TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!"

Enough Already

This has to qualify as one of the more "brain dead letters to the editor" published by this newspaper in recent years and there are many contenders. This life long Democrat who has no intention of changing wants to save the Republican party? Really?

According to Anna Sue Heller: "The Republican Party can never return to its previous status with Bevin, Trump and McConnell at its helm."

We don't want the previous status quo, "the go along to get along" Republican party. We are looking for Republicans that actually do something and make life better for ALL Kentuckians.

Democrats have the teacher unions, illegal aliens, perverts, and other assorted socialists and communists on their side.

Republicans represent the rest of Kentucky that are not looking for a handout, just a level playing field for all citizens. Instead of special entitlement classes that exist to feed off of the hard working people that pay the taxes, Republicans support efforts to take care of the truly needy while booting cheats of the public welfare roles.

Liberal elites in the Democratic party masquerading as good ol' boys and public servants want to resume robbing Kentucky while increasing the numbers of citizens who are dependent on government.

KKG, vote Republican on November 5th!

Le Ecrivain

It takes a real life long democrat to claim the first governor to ever fully fund the teacher's pensions was in fact trying to take said pensions. He's lousy because of his affiliation with the tea party ideology driving poverty for generations. But he clearly did not try to steal pensions since he put them on better footing than any governor in decades. Teacher pensions shouldn't be an election issue. It is because everyone is so stinking poor because of tea-party like politics and the 20 previous years of democrat trifecta that the teachers are the money'd class in the state so whatever affects them is de jure for news coverage.

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