Resident has ‘enough’ of WBKO app

On Jan. 1, I tuned in to watch WBKO’s “Midday” program on its livestreaming app. Instead of “Midday,” I was met with an onslaught of commercials advertising Lion’s Den sex toys.

These commercials didn’t play just once, but they seemed to be in a perpetual loop. I had to watch two lesbians getting it on in a library three times. I saw a couple in the aftermath of having sex on their kitchen table during dinner twice, as well as a lady emerging from her car after a supposed “joy ride.”

Finally, I said “Enough!” and turned WBKO off.

I immediately contacted WBKO regarding this outrage and requested a conversation with management. In my communication, I promised that if I wasn’t contacted, I would write a letter to the editor.

Well, Wednesday, in the midst of a national crisis, I tuned in once again to WBKO’s “Midday.” And guess what! The Lion’s Den commercials were airing, lesbians and all.

I promised that I would write and so I am writing in order that those who support WBKO through their advertising dollars, viewership, etc. can know that WBKO and its parent company Gray Television are accepting advertising dollars by airing soft porn ads at 11 a.m. WBKO/Gray Television, I’m still waiting. And, I’m turning off WBKO.

Polly Moore

Bowling Green

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I am glad the writer is taking a stand and trying to address the issue directly. Appears WBKO has changed its stance. I remember when they refused to air NYPD Blue due to considering the show indecent.

Enough Already

Likely malware is interjecting porn into your browser.

Nevertheless, WBKO SUCKS, especially their new weather guy that can't seem to pump out a coherent thought twice in a row. You know who I am talking about. Tune in at 10:00pm for a comedic show unsurpassed in modern professional meteorology!


"Likely malware is interjecting porn into your browser."

You'd know a thing or two about porn viewing and the resulting malware injections wouldn't ya? Don't even get me started on your inability to string together coherent thoughts. Everyone knows what I'm talking about. Everyone that's not a clown that is.

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