Cumberland Trace Elementary School celebration a treat

Thanks for the memories.

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone who attended the 50th anniversary celebration of Cumberland Trace Elementary School on Sept. 29. Words can never say enough for me to show all of you how much I appreciated you showing your love for the school and myself by coming.

A special thanks goes to Mike Orefice and Katie O’Donnell for your remarks during the program.

That meant a lot and also shows that you have not forgotten your school days. I also need to say thanks to Dr. Wes Cottongim, a former student who has risen to become Cumberland Trace’s current principal. Wes, you really outdid yourself with all of that effort.

It seems only yesterday that we opened that school, and immediately success began. As I said in my opening remarks, Dr. Robert F. Frist, who founded the Hospital Corporation of America, once said, “Good people beget good people.” There are a lot of good people whose children attend Cumberland Trace, and those good children are succeeding, not only because of our efforts, but in some cases, in spite of our efforts. To all of the faculty that were there during my time as principal, I would also like to say thank you, and if I missed speaking to any of you, I apologize. Last, but not least, thanks to my family. All nine of us were there, and you’ll never know how much that meant to this old man.

Finally, if you ever had any connection to Cumberland Trace and missed that day, you missed a real treat. Maybe you can come back for our next celebration. After all, when we celebrate 50 years next time, I’ll only be 135 years old.


Bob Hancock

Bowling Green


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