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Enough Already

Although I also doubt that this was a credible threat I can't fault Ms. Rinehart for keeping her girls home from school. After all, the public school systems have already shown themselves incompetent when it comes to educating our children. Why would anyone think they could do a competent job of protecting them if a shooter came to their school? I can already here the excuses from the administrators and principals. Why did they choose my school? I never thought it could happen here in Bowling Green! The excuses would have been plentiful and so would the CYAs, but the people bearing the real regret would have been the parents now second guessing themselves for sending their child to school that day...


Drama Queen.

Absolutely Positively

The decision wasn't difficult for her. She's an outspoken anti-gun advocate. The threat, such as it was, didn't specify which of our over 1400 public schools was to be targeted.

To keep your child home over such a non-threat is a laughable overreaction. Or, more likely, it's an opportunity to partake in some virtue signaling with a letter to the paper. No one would write this kind of letter about this situation unless they had an axe to grind.

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