Recent Daily News articles about the 1960s and 1970s crime ring in Bowling Green ("Bootleggers and Bombs," June 30 and July 7) should be a reminder that citizens of Bowling Green and Warren County are so fortunate to have had outstanding law enforcement people such as the Bowling Green Police Department's Darrell Moody protecting and serving our community.

As a teenager, I saw firsthand some of the activities that put policemen at risk. Many brave individuals filled the ranks of law enforcement agencies during this tumultuous period. A period when some of the "No Dumping" street signs in our community had of bodies drawn under "No Dumping."

An individual who represented “the law” at the highest level during this time was Commonwealth’s Attorney Morris Lowe. He was our commonwealth’s attorney during an era when Bowling Green was known as "Little Chicago." During that tough time, he stood toe to toe with all who would endanger the safety and security of the citizens of Bowling Green and Warren County. And he performed his duties admirably with an office and support staff that was inadequate and underfunded.

Mr. Moody and Mr. Lowe set the standard of protecting and serving that has been carried forward by all law enforcement agencies in our region, and enhanced by agencies like drug task forces and others. Thanks to those listed above and others in uniform, Bowling Green is not ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in America.

Thanks to all those who protect and serve. I salute you.

Stan England

Bowling Green


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