I am, to say the least, completely disgusted and outraged by the fact that Western Kentucky University had the audacity to remove the Civil War marker 67 from where it has stood for decades.

WKU, I believe, fabricated the construction excuse to have marker 67 temporarily removed in hopes no one would take notice that it had been taken down. WKU is well known for being a very liberal college, but this complete nonsense about political correctness is beyond belief and has to stop now! Now it seems that WKU is making more excuses about the whereabouts of the Civil War marker.

Like many other families in Warren County, mine included, we have lived in Warren County since the very early 1800s and are very proud of our Southern heritage. Like most of the Warren County families who settled here, we were just poor farming/military families. A member of my family has fought in every war from the Civil War through Vietnam. Both of my great-grandfathers fought in the Civil War, in which great-grandfather John Ford was killed just outside LaFayette, Tenn., about 1863. From Elizabethtown south to the Tennessee state line was considered Confederate territory, is what I was always told.

In just the first two to three years of the Civil War, over 200,000 Americans died fighting for their cause. The Civil War is part of this great nation's history, whether you agree with it or not. WKU had no right to remove our Civil War marker and I, for one, demand that it be placed back from where it came! My wife and I have supported WKU over the years in more ways than one, but until marker 67 is restored to its rightful place – well, you know how the rest of the story goes.

Shame on WKU!

Ronald Ford



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It takes a real piece of work to be proud of owning other humans and creating transgenerational poverty for people of all ethnicities in the Southern United States. Even more pitiful is that many of those heritage bringers got that land for free that they own for generations in thousands of acre plots. This letter is sort of like a small cell carcinoma cell being proud of its predecessors. WKU should take the marker to the agricultural department and hide it under a big pile of manure.

Enough Already

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if they are asinine opinions like yours...


It's only asinine because I am in a former capital of the confederacy where such opinion is a liability. If I was in a yankee town, it would be enlightened.

Enough Already

"If I was in a yankee town, it would be enlightened."
No, it would still be asinine. There are just more socialist/communists/liberals/democrats to tell us it would be "enlightened".
It is asinine because you like the other socialists at WKU think you can "fix" the future with history revisionism, that if people forget we will all somehow end up singing Kumbaya as the brotherhood of man is finally brought about by socialist over educated know-it-alls. The so called education system in this country was co-opted by leftists long ago who revised our text books in order to further a socialist narrative. The results of this are a fractured country, a growing number of people who think the government owes them a free place to live, free cell phones, free healthcare and a "living wage" if they even want to work, non of which they are entitled to under God or man. Now these same liberal know-it-alls think it reasonable that we abandon our borders to hoards of 3rd world people that will contribute to the depression of wages, the re-introduction of diseases that have been eradicated in the United States and the swelling of the welfare roles. Multiculturalism is a lie that brings a clash of cultures that causes a nation to be at war with itself. All of this contributes to the degradation of society. These elitists will actually profit from this arrangement because they have insulated themselves from their own agenda and see themselves as the rightful overseers of the country. We will be left to pick up the pieces after their "enlightened ideas of a socialist workers paradise comes crashing down on use.
Pretending our history never happened in no way changes it, but it does help reinforce that we learn nothing from history and will likely repeat it in the future.
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. ~ George Santayana

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