On March 29, 2013, I emailed a letter to Mailbox regarding the Brown-Bradshaw tragedy. Later, I rescinded the letter before it was published, feeling that the matter was behind us and should be forgotten. Apparently, it wasn’t forgotten. Witness the front-page headline in Friday’s Daily News of April 26: “Fatal Shooting of Brandon Bradshaw.” (A similar story by Kevin Willis was posted on the WKYU-FM website April 27.)

In view of this, I feel fully justified in re-submitting my previous letter. It follows in substantially its original form:

Both Brown and Bradshaw were acting like children, and it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t both had guns. No mature adult would be so enraged at being cut off by another car, beaten in a race or tailgated that he would resort to gunplay. He might be angry or upset, but he would settle the problem by either walking away or talking intelligently to the other person. The gun advocates defend their position by arguing that gun control laws infringe on the pleasures of hunters and shooters, grown people. Are their pleasures more important than the lives of children, who most especially have a right to life? This is something that anti-abortionists – real right-to-lifers – ought to consider. If they did, they might find themselves more eager for gun control legislation.

Has Bowling Green become Dodge City? Apparently. Just carry your pistol on your hip and call out anyone you want to and shoot ‘em.

Sane, mature human beings are required to end this terrible, senseless tragedy. Where are the sane, mature human beings?

Nolan Porterfield

Bowling Green

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Don't forget your 'horn', and also your 'middle finger'...those are both safe, and 'PC' enough, to let you be the judge...if someone does something dumb, rude, offensive enough to merit either, then maybe their kids deserve to see 'daddy or mommy' called out in public by 'another irate idiot'...then, maybe things will come together and that kid will end up figuring out what driving is idiotic, and what is a sane, safe, friendly way to travel.

If all my car doors were falling off, and my engine had a main seal issue, I would still fix the horn if it needed it, first, around here.

This is what 'we' get from the fusion of the gun-mentality and the NASCAR-mindset...if they're 'driving wrong', in YOUR eyes, then 'put 'em to the wall'...

Oh--and HERE's what the BIBLE has to say about this form of lawless selfishness:
AND especially:

I see some of the rudest drivers in the world around here--my latest car has a pretty good ol' V6 in it, but if I'm not going 60 on Vet' Memorial, I've never taken one single 'one way' trip across BG without having somebody roll up on me (in either lane) and 'teach me that lesson' (that they're yet another anal commander with a license?), by performing some fairly commonly dangerous lane-swapping and erratic speeding (well over 60 is quite common every day here now), and of course, this is now a genderless offense.

I'm a pretty safe driver.

Yesterday, I was driving with my dad in the passenger seat, and pulled out onto Nashville Road from a little sidestreet, looking carefully both ways before doing so.

The oncoming 'traffic' from the right was non-existent--one large copperish-brown SUV (like an Excursion) turning right about 1/4 mile down, from the WKU area, onto Nash. also.

Being clear both ways by a block, I got out ahead of 'him' by...well, an entire block--over 700 feet, easily.

He was nearly in my trunk within a moment, and bearing down on me still, as if he was driving with a grudge (come to think of it, wonder what Mike Buchannon is driving now--he used to drive this exact vehicle--and he and Tommy Brown were...well, the best-of-buds, still are, I'm sure)...

He continued to bear down on me until we reached the Trinity Lutheran School, driving no less than 10 feet off my rear bumper during this time...I glared, thought about sticking the middle finger out, pulling aside while he passed and shouting something angrily, but the difference there was something called a 'school district', and I respect that, firmly. Surprisingly, so did my malefactor--he relented once he entered the school zone, probably worried one of his 'buds' would have to do something embarrassing and 'pull him over' (although, if it were M.O.B., he'd get off alright...with an invite to some luncheon, or dinner...yet another obligation...I'm sure he weighs these heavily, as he's probably all booked up...If that was him).

My point in this extrapolation? Nobody in BG, even our elected officials, respects the simplest of driving laws, or any other, so...well, that's my point--when guns enter into this already-efffed-up equation, I can see no good coming from it...all I know is that we still have conditions here where some people really don't need to be driving around others.

That's the problem--I was angry enough at that guy to 'defuse' the situation like a wicked stepfather (the guy was pretty big, but had pulled down his visor to obscure his face, so I don't know how old he was, and how relative this phrasing, but that's how I felt). Still, I held it together, with no small amount of 'help' from my dad ("NO...Don't!").

I guess this is why I'm not really upset when I hear of more traffic cameras in place around here--I'm 100% behind this, all the way. I'm not camera-shy, even though I'm pretty much a genetic nightmare, and not 'model quality' myself. Cameras (not the type where some stupid thug-company doles out tickets--had that already, it was WRONG) are kewl with me, and should help us 'normal' drivers (with cars that don't dominate the road, and other human bein's) alleviate some of our daily distress, and our judges fairly dole out 'traffic justice' more readily (even big-wigs will have a hard time lying under conditions that involve a whole lot of hi-res video footage that's ALREADY made the internet, BTW).

Bob Hayter

Carrying a weapon is just like driving a car; any product has a level of personal responsibility that goes with it. You cannot regulate the irresponsibility, insanity and stupidity of any product.


There have been numerous supreme court cases that affirm the government has no obligation to protect you or keep you safe, that job is up to each individual to take care of themselves. That reason alone should be enough to acknowledge a persons right to carry/have a firearm

Michael F Meredith

Tommy Brown was a sworn peace officer who carried a weapon in pursuit of his duties. Brandon Bradshaw was a former Constable, which, as I understand, also made him a former sworn peace officer. The proposed gun control measures would not limit access of firearms to peace officers nor would it limit the magazine capacity in the firearms they carry.
There are plenty of "sane, mature human beings" who carry firearms every day because they are "sane and mature" enough to know that their survival could depend on whether or not they have that gun on them or not. They carry every day for the same reason you should wear your seat belt every day: you don't have the luxury of knowing when you're going to need it. Recreational "hunters and shooters" have nothing to do with why we have the Second Amendment anyway and neither party involved in that shooting were "children".
The Brown/Bradshaw incident was terribly unfortunate but it was not one that could have been prevented with any of the proposed gun control legislation that was wisely voted down.


To my knowledge none of the proposed gun laws would have stopped either of them from packing a gun. There are 300 million people in this country, tragedies, particularly avoidable tragedies are going to happen regardless. Please stop pointing at every tragedy and saying "see we need more laws, we need more laws". The "sane, mature human beings" are the vast majority of the population, you know the ones who will never in their lives get into a confrontation like this. And for the record the "wild west" was significantly safer than most modern day major cities, particularly cities with the most gun laws. Real life wasnt like a Clint Eastwood movie.


You are correct, it was a sad thing, and I'm sorry for the families of both men involved, however, neither were innocent, you pull a gun, you will get shot. Senseless act, by two with no sense.

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