As someone who has lived here about 2 1/4 years, it really ticks me off that the graffiti thing took place. Primarily because I see Bowling Green and Warren County as a great place to live, with a citizenry that actually cares about its history, culture and values with a great sense of tradition. The various attractions of which private citizens have built are something you don't see many places these days. We have the airplane park, train museum, car shows, soap box derby, a beautiful downtown square preserved properly and displayed, to name a few. It is imperative that Social Justice Dummies represented by the guy who did all this damage needs to be stopped and come down hard on. Otherwise, it will draw more SJD's who think they can get away with their ignorant fight against things that don't exist unless you're a brainwashed idiot.

I have friends and relatives come out, and I am proud to show them Bowling Green and its highlights and attractions, which are many for a town this size. My wife and I have lived in Lexington, New Jersey/Philadelphia area, Cincinnati, St. Louis and now retired here.

Bowling Green has a lot to offer, and I hope they put a stop to any more of this crap. Otherwise it will allow erosion to increase and great towns like Bowling Green to decrease. We love Bowling Green and we love Kentucky. This from a retired agricultural consultant who received his Master of Science in entomology from the University of Kentucky on full scholarship back in 1979-81. We came from Kansas, and I would be hard pressed to ever return aside from visiting.

Brent Rains

Bowling Green

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