While watching all the talking heads who have dominated the various “news” channels over the past few days, it occurred to me that a lot of people who don’t see themselves as racists probably are.

You can obviously be a racist who is fully aware of your prejudices; but you can also be a racist who is oblivious to your own ignorance.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what racism is – or if you might be a racist – I thought I’d provide a short guide to help with your self-reflection.

Racism is when you blindly believe what you have been taught.

Racism is when you don’t acknowledge the advantages you have clearly been given.

Racism is when you ignore cultural differences when you interact with others.

Racism is when you see injustice, but simply don’t want to get involved.

Racism is when you make an assumption about someone’s intent based on their appearance.

Racism is when you use the phrase “those people” to refer to human beings who do not share your ethnic heritage, political orientation or religious ideology.

Racism is when you feel you can use the same language members of a group use when communicating with each other even though you are not a member of the group.

Racism is when you think calling yourself “color-blind” means you are not biased.

Racism is when you say you never personally enslaved anyone, so “don’t blame me.”

Racism is when you suggest the way for people to overcome oppression is just to work harder.

Racism is when you claim you can’t be a racist because some of your best friends are (fill in the blank).

Racism is when you announce, “I’m not a racist, but … "

Overcoming racism begins when you are honest with yourself and want to do better.

Aaron W. Hughey

Bowling Green

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Absolutely Positively

“ Racism is when you feel you can use the same language members of a group use when communicating with each other even though you are not a member of the group”

Black people should not feel that they can use the same language as whites????


I have never met anyone who did not have some of those qualities, so I guess WE all are racists...

Enough Already 2

Again, Dr. Hughey has written a delightful essay. Many of his essays are actually funny. Now by this, I mean that I have found myself chuckling or laughing with a small bit of mirth. This particular letter warranted a vote of love. I really appreciated what he had to say.

I have noticed that I have used love, funny, wow and sad in the past for things that I actually liked or appreciated. I very seldom use or apply angry, but I cannot say I never use that descriptor.

Now there are times such that Mr. Rains, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Shahmir, Mr. Schwab, et al will write some such inane piece, and I find myself laughing my ass off. I don’t think that they are funny, but nothing else fits better! They seldom stir up any anger but the outrageousness of some of their commentaries is almost beyond belief. By some magical means, the word quickly gets around the Bowling Green Community and there is an overwhelming response at the latest example of their mediocre attempts to present themselves as men of community statue.

I believe that Mr. Wheeler is the record holder of the most “laugh my ass off” funny ratings. However, in recent months, there has been some stiff competition from those others listed above.

Now when it gets around to the comment section, they all exhibit symptoms of an inferiority complex! This is typically evidenced by their regular use of abusive comments, their use of hateful language, their feeble attempts to sound enlightened, and their flagrant use of a set of standardized alternative facts.

Like the incompetent president that is presently occupying the office, these individuals are nearing the realization that their contributions to society are quite likely to be totally insignificant.

Does one pity such as these, as inferior objects or does one just laugh at them in a dismissive manner? I believe that most of the commentators in these comment sections have already answered this rhetorical question!

What say ye? [wink]


I see there are a lot of triggered snowflakes suffering from TDS (Truth Denial Syndrome) in this comment section.

Kudos, Mr. Hughey.



Dr. Strangelove

So what Hughey says is that you will think like us, speak like us or else you are guilty of all the ism's they can think of including a large list of phobia's for any new class of victim they can describe. Typical leftist prof who teaches this BS to any and every student in their little protected world of so called diversity or freedom of expression. In the end their group is as diverse as a herd of lemmings doing as their told and hating everyone who is actually an individual and owes no one a thing. Of course, my upbringing from a dust bowl father and mother gave me all the advantages you phony academic twerp. Author Allan Bloom described what you now represent in 1987's book: The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished Souls of Today's Students. Of course you wouldn't read it since it's above your ability and reading level. You might get triggered. What a punk. And we all pay for this guys benefits.


Well said. Looking at his WKU bio, it doesn’t appear that he’s ever worked outside of academia. Guess he doesn’t realize he’s in an echo chamber. Looking at his post, his bio, and even his other letters to the editor scream that this guy should not be allowed anywhere near students. You are absolutely right about what he and his colleagues are doing to impressionable human beings and it’s horrific. He and they do not even realize that the oppressors are the Democrats they vote for over and over and over again; their colleagues in academia; those they look up to in the entertainment industry; and those they get their news from. They are the slaves on the Left’s plantation and they don’t even realize it.

Enough Already

I agree that you are a racist Mr. Hughey.

If it helps to dissuade your guilt by listing your racist tendencies I say go for it.

There is nothing like a politically correct liberal coming clean themselves and showing other people where they are lacking.

Have you considered you are also the most white privileged of any professor at WKU?

You should be ashamed of yourself. It won't help you make amends, but you might consider giving the the guy at the bottom of the comments an ata-boy for sucking up to you. I know he appreciates liberal affirmation and is all about virtue signaling so he is definitely one of you. Good luck correcting your racist views...


"So, if you’ve ever wondered what racism is – or if you might be a racist – I thought I’d provide a short guide to help with your self-reflection." Dear Mr. Hughey; Can you get any more elitist and self-righteous? I'll wait while you self-reflect....

Absolutely Positively

Aaron forgot the most prominent example that WKU's liberal faculty just can't shake.

Racism is when you have different reactions to a person's words/actions depending on the color of his skin.


Gonna need to see data on advantages given, because there don't seem to be advantages for white males. What can be asserted without evidenced can be dismissed without evidence.


So very well put. I cringe almost every day when I hear some of these things from my fellow white people. There's another one ... I've noticed that white people never describe another white person by their color, but they will always say "that black man/lady" - AND they say the word "black" in a whispered tone. I don't understand why 1) you have to ALWAYS say "that black person" instead of their name, and 2) why the hell do you need to whisper it as if it's a taboo word?

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