Although we all know it takes a unanimous vote to remove Bowling Green City Commissioner Brian Nash from office, we also know that there are one or two commissioners who will not vote to remove him. If I understand the situation correctly, Nash also had his daughter with him in the car, therefore Nash should have been charged with DUI, but due to unwarranted favoritism toward Nash, Nash once again got off scot-free. According to Sheriff Brett Hightower's statement in the Daily News, Nash didn’t get off scot-free, but I beg to differ.

Nash got six to eight hours of sleep, a free breakfast and a $25 fine. Oh boy. Once you put those keys in the ignition, that is DUI, and had it been anyone else – well, the outcome would have been very different, huh Sheriff Hightower?

The special prosecutor hopefully will investigate every aspect of this injustice. Bowling Green and Warren County voters are furious over the favoritism shown to Nash, and rightfully so.

Elections do have consequences.

Ron Ford


– Editor’s note: Ford was a candidate for Warren County sheriff in the Republican primary election that was won by Hightower.


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Absolutely Positively

As though Hightower himself made sure Nash was protected. There's a reason why perennial candidate Ford is a perennial candidate.

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