‘Squad’ not even taken seriously by own party

Love is blind and so is hate. Obviously the liberal media in this country hates Donald Trump and disapproves of his conduct, even if some of his works are good. Simultaneously, being in love with the so-called Squad (U.S. Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib), apparently everything they do is wonderful.

Undoubtedly, the four members of the Squad are smart individuals who were able to be elected to Congress. However, they are not smart enough to know that they are not as smart as they think they are. Obviously they don’t know the essence of their real job!

Currently, there are 435 members in the U.S. House of Representatives and 100 members in the Senate, but only these four members are constantly parading on the TV and are quoted in the media. Young and with no measurable experience in business or politics, they audaciously opine about everything, from health care, economy, military to foreign policy while accusing anyone criticizing them of racism, xenophobia and misogyny. One wonders why the Americans were deprived of such genius minds for so long?

The members of Congress are elected to serve their own constituents and not to turn into pundits and publicity hounds. If an individual member has better ideas than the executive branch, he or she needs to share it with other members, build a consensus and present it as a bill. However, despite their constant media appearances and loud criticism of the administration, so far none of the Squad members has come up with a workable plan to be adopted by the other members of their own party, let alone the entire Congress. It is obvious that their real goal is publicity and self-promotion rather than serving their constituents and the American people. What a pity.

Mort Shahmir

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

Excellent letter Mort!

Everything you say is true. The districts these nutjobs represent are getting the shaft, BUT, there is a silver lining.

Our stable genius and high functioning president has sucked the leaders of the national Democrat party into embracing these loons and they now represent the Democrat party. They own these idiots lot, stock, and barrel.

Looking forward to the 2020 election...




"Our stable genius and high functioning president..."

Now, anyone with a modicum of sense would consider that statement, in relation to Trump, some high level trolling, but considering that it is you saying it, it's just sad, because you truly believe it.

Bless your heart, you poor delusional cult member. Same goes for Mort.

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