Pete Buttigieg was nominated for secretary of transportation Dec. 16. I watched part of his acceptance speech following being nominated.

Personally, I am struggling to see the expertise in transportation that Buttigieg brings to the new administration. He is a former mayor of South Bend, Ind. South Bend is the fourth-largest city in Indiana – a state not known for large cities. Also, if I remember correctly during the Democrats' debates of 2019-20 he received much criticism from fellow Democrats as to the job he did as mayor. Many think South Bend was not served well with Buttigieg as mayor. But we are to have complete confidence that he will oversee the vast transportation system of our United States well.

Also, our current transportation secretary is Elaine Chao. Does anyone remember her acceptance speech in 2016? I don't believe there was one – not broadcast on the national news channels. For the past four years, most didn't know or care who our transportation secretary was. They exist and labor in almost obscurity. This is probably true of most presidents' Cabinet selections.

So now we must ask why this former mayor of a medium city in the middle of farm country is being put in the national spotlight. Why is the national media giving such attention to our new (nominated) secretary of transportation? There must be something else going on here. Stay tuned and watch carefully.

Robert Sochor

Bowling Green

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Perhaps we should wait to see who will be Senate Majority Leader and appoint his spouse.

Enough Already

There is something going on alright. Everyone Biden has named has no discernable skills, and no one has heard of most of them. They all have one thing in common though. They are all radical leftists intent on finishing the job Obama started, to destroy the United States of America. Biden is a criminal inept traitor being manipulated by his handlers. He is a placeholder for what is coming, president Harris.


Almost anyone Biden appoints will be better than the incompetent big donors of the Trump administration who were appointed. At least Biden's picks have some credibility of experience in governmental affairs, unlike DeVos, Carson and his inept children. Such hypocrisy! Considering the "radical" actions of the outgoing group of thieves calling themselves the Trump administration, anything else is considered radical. Labeling progressive agendas "un-American, communist or radical socialism" does not make it so. The only real socialist trends of the Democratic party are the disire for health care in the 21st century that is like the rest of the developed world. Not very radical. Economic disparity has allowed a mere 1% of the population control 38.5% of the entire wealth of our nation, while our schools are underfunded and our infrastructure is antiquated or crumbling due to the Republican wealthy earners tax breaks. Democrats are labeled traitors and radical for attempting to correct this increased burden upon the middle and lower classes by raising tax rates for the rich just like the US did successfully until the failed "Reagan trickle down economics" were implemented in the 80's. Until then, ultra rich were taxed as much as 90%. Democrats are radical? I think not.

Enough Already

You are a naïve rube. Explore the past backgrounds of the people Biden intends to surround himself with, all radical leftists, not a moderate in the bunch. They have figured out you and people like long ago, the something for nothing crowd, the take from the rich and give to the "poor" crowd. They will crush the economy and you will cheer them as they increase the welfare roles while they enrich themselves even more than they have already. You will think they are compassionate for the pathetic crumbs they toss your way while they line their pockets and acquire even more power over your life. You are the the type of person Vladimir Lenin had in mind when he talked about useful idiots in his “Communist Manifesto,” later borrowed by Saul Alinsky in his “Rules for Radicals.”

Lenin also said, "The reason for socialism is communism,".

Try to understand, instead of be a tool for communism.

Enough Already

If you are not familiar with Saul Alinsky, he described how to create a socialist state using eight simple rules that are in play in America today: 1) Control healthcare; 2) Increase poverty by increasing taxes; 3) Increase debt to an unsustainable level and thereby increase poverty; 4) Take away people’s right to defend themselves by confiscating their guns; 5) Provide welfare by taking control of people’s lives (food, housing, income); 6) Remove religion from government and schools; 7) Control education and the media to determine what people can learn, read and listen to; and, 8) Divide the people into wealthy versus poor, taxing the wealthy more, supposedly to spread out income more evenly The progressives have gone one step further with diversity politics that keep us separated into groups they can pit against one another.

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