President Donald Trump has wanted to bring all U.S. military home from Afghanistan and Syria for over a year.

Trump just wants to use the military for two reasons. First reason is if any foreign country is factually proven using nuclear or chemical missiles. Military Adviser John Bolton is a lying warmonger. Lies to Trump that Iran, North Korea, Russia or any Middle East country is planning attacks on Israel or U.S. embassies.

Liar Bolton says U.S. needs to send military and ships to stop threats to the U.S., the second reason for military use: Must directly affect U.S. or Israel. None of those reasons happening there. Every time Trump says he is going to bring all military home, all the politicians, generals, lobbyists, millionaires raise hell.

They love it when military is fighting anywhere. Reason is they all get wealthier on building, rebuilding, military equipment contracts. Another reason is keep their ego up. This month we are honoring fallen soldiers. All Washington elites want more fallen soldiers in places where U.S. should not be at all.

Contact your congressperson and back up Trump and Vice President Mike Pence bringing all military home today. Every day the military is over there, there will be more uncalled-for fallen soldiers. Plus U.S. needs military here to help Mexico stop illegals and build wall quicker.

Lord Jesus, forgive U.S. for leaving you and get Satan out of your America.

Billy Willoughby



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Le Ecrivain

Many alive today know nothing of the gulf of Tonkin that led to the undeclared war in Vietnam. An attack that didn't even happen - a naval attack against an American ship. It was completely made up. There are factions within every nation that want this to be the end times of scripture so that some mega beast can wage war to take over the world. They hope Iran Vs. USA, or that Russia can be pulled into some war so they attack Israel. It is paint by numbers scheming and we need level heads and people to stop the war drums. The religious right is chomping at the bit for Scofield's reference notes to be true. The anwer when the apocalyptos think the beast is rising is not to support the war drumming. The answer is to say "it's paint by numbers" with 500 year old futurist battle schematics, and then look away.

Le Ecrivain

It is an attempt to dispose of the excess American males. They have destroyed the economy for about 15-20% of the male population that was formerly able to find gainful employment. Then they began pushing anti-male narratives in corporate hiring/recruitment and in primary/secondary education. The males this time understand that the powers-that-be are pulling skull-and-bones crap to dispose of excess males on some foreign battlefield to bolster the portfolios of the rich. Thankfully it is has failed this time. It is a testament to the utter failure of our nation state that we have to rely on the freaking Iranians to not take bait lest our poor males die by the millions. Open the draft up to women and it would end this skull and bones war-machining.

Enough Already

"Liar Bolton says U.S. needs to send military and ships to stop threats to the U.S..." Well Billy, usually I can agree with much of what you say, but this time you are little to naive . Overnight it appears Iran has torpedoed an oil tanker. That is a direct attack on our country via our economy. We can act like paper tiger Democrats and draw red-lines in the sand and when they are crossed we can quietly back away, but that cowardly strategy is from a previous administration and it is over. When we have the proof that it was indeed Iran there will be hell. I seriously doubt it will involve ground troops. Stand down Billy, President Trump has got this.


Anyone who had read, or watched Pence deliver remarks at the West Point graduation ceremony on May 25 knows better. Billy, as usual, promulgating more lies.

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