I write this letter to share a different perspective on racial matters compared to liberals. First of all, no one knows what it’s like to be a white male in America except a white male.

Therefore, let me share some insight. You are looked at by liberals as racist. If you are not racist but are constantly labeled one, then you start to take the liberal less serious as a person. Hence liberals have no credibility in society. Secondly, this white privilege that liberals push is BOGUS.

I’ve never been given a loan and the banker said “white brotherhood.” I have NEVER been pulled over by a cop and been told “go ahead my white brother.” I’ve never been given a job and been told “let’s keep black people down.” I’m sick of being called a racist because I view anarchist thugs who burn buildings and destroy statues as criminals and not protesters.

I’m sick of being called racist for saying cops are good but there exists only a minute fraction of bad ones. I will never apologize or bow to anyone for being who GOD made me. Neither should black people, or Hispanics. We are all unique in our own way. So Aaron Hughey can put his “white privilege” theory in a pipe and smoke it.  No one should be treated badly due to their race. But let’s examine closely if it’s racism or time to look in the mirror. Had George Floyd been white, it would have never made the news. Had the officer who killed him been black, it would have never made the news. Racism is a liberal tool constantly being perpetuated by the left to gain votes and ultimately power.

Eric Wheeler

Bowling Green

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There's thousands of examples of White Privilege. If you actually care then look it up. If not, then shut the F up. Republican false outrage will be ignored. Grow & Learn. Google: explaining white privilege


Look like EA/EW is making a fool of himself again. As above, so below.

Enough Already 2

They say that one’s capacity for logic and reason comes from the left side of the brain…

And that one’s potential for emotions and feelings (especially on the part of elderly, go boomer, radical racist deniers, obstinate trump is right at any cost die hards, and other assorted malcontents worried about someone upsetting their little privileged place in the world), all come from the right side of the brain.

Now considering Mr. Wheeler’s own markedly lopsided personality…

I’m surprised that he just doesn’t go floppin’ over to the right from all the weight.

OH! WAIT A MINUTE! He has, hasn’t he!

He is so far right that he is invariably wrong, but he and his group are correct to be worried that trump is lagging in the polls and there is a very good chance that Joe Biden and his outstanding running mate will get trump’s mess straightened out in the next 12 years (4 years for Joe and 8 years for her).

God is a good woman! Yes, she is good!

What say ye?

Enough Already

One again I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your question as well as your nonsensical ramblings. You remain an idiot and it appears you always will.

Your right brain/left brain statement is based on liberal BS, specifically, "They say". I'm betting that "They say" is actually Ernie. This is what the Bible says about you and people who think like you:

Ecclesiastes 10:2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Being that Koheleth wrote this I know he is in agreement with it. Note: Not the fake Koheleth who misappropriated the name for an alias (much like yourself did) but the real one, Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived.

The polls are also the result of liberal BS and propaganda. The media said the same thing all through the 2016 campaign and they cannot be trusted. As I recall you retreated to your safe room for a couple of years after Hillary lost by a HUGE margin and then reappeared with your new alias. Joe Biden is a hollowed out halfwit that can't even put a complete sentence together. Even when he is using a teleprompter he gets lost and starts mumbling unintelligible word salads. We don't even know who his VP pick is yet but they will be his designated handler and a hard left communist but calling themselves a democrat. Democrats have done a fine job of making fools of themselves for the last 3 1/2 years but I look forward to their further humiliation in the November election.

One more thing, God is a male, unlike yourself you confused freak.


The real racists of America, the ones who practice racism openly and institutionalize racism, also known as liberals/Democrats will now come for you for daring to state the truth.

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