Concerning the letter "How to know if you have privilege" by Aaron Hughey on June 28: I am an old white guy. Because of recent current events I have learned for the first time in my life what the communities of color have been going through on a daily basis.

I did not know they were harassed for walking, driving, skipping, birdwatching, sleeping in their own bed, or shopping, for starters, whether child, man or woman and that each one endures and expects these horrors for tomorrow because the white class is consistent with hate. Those of color are without hope of these horrors ever ending or that their white brothers and sisters will ever care.

Neither I nor my children have ever experienced these things, we are white enough. Every non-white person I have asked tells me these horror stories and they are unbelievable to me and I have only heard a small fraction of them and I am not living with the daily terror for generations. Their outrage seems far overdue to me and I admire the love the communities of color bring to my life in spite of it all. I read police officers deserve our respect of June 17 and of course agree because I have always been treated respectfully by them, but I am white. Life for me has been great. But, if I was not white, would I have lived that nightmare? The problem that I am only beginning to see has nothing at all to do with the disrespect of good police people and everything to do with the ignorance of those of my own class.

Wake up people. This must stop. You can't hate one person and not hate every person.

Jeffrey Strong


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As you have awakened to the experience of fellow citizens being treated unfairly and harshly, I have also had a realization. The last 6 months of health and social unrest has prompted me to question if our elected officials really hear and act on the rights and needs of all citizens. We need people in office who clear a path for benefits for those who need them, especially during a pandemic. We need people in office who express outrage when a navy veteran is knocked to the ground and beaten, while pregnant women are gassed defending the Constitution in Oregon. Finally, you have me thinking about the importance of sowing peace, building bridges, and voting for those who care about all citizens.


Good on you Jeffrey. There is certainly a relationship between the importance of knowing and the burden of knowing. Sometimes the answers to these questions aren't easily attainable, but that does not mean that the questions aren't worth asking. Most people prefer to trod that well worn path of ignorance is bliss. Do what you can to assist others with learning. Sound education has always proven the best defense against irrational eruptions of such collective hate.

Good day.

Enough Already

I believe the letter writer was being sarcastic. That much guilt on one white man is a little much, but then again if he is a liberal he likely was serious because he supports the party of the KKK, the original "can do" racists in America.


Can't speak on anything other than what he wrote, which seemed sincere enough.

And you support the Fascist wing of the Republican party which are the current champions of the 'can proudly be' racist in America. So, yeah...

A Kindred Spirit

You may find it difficult to believe, but there are Republicans who are liberals. I know some myself. Whatever this writer's motivation, he ends by saying "you can't hate one person and not hate every person." Good advice for us all, Republicans and Democrats alike.

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