A few weeks ago our local enlightened one (Aaron Hughey) wrote a letter asking where are the great leaders.

Maybe I can help further his enlightenment. Today’s universities don’t create leaders anymore. Today’s college education is an indoctrination into liberal ideology. Today’s students are taught to be snowflakes, pansies, protesters and anarchists. They are handled like third graders, sheltering them from conservative thought and even providing safe spaces when exposed to conservative ideas. They were even offered therapy dogs after Donald Trump won in 2016. Today’s students are for "Medicare for All," forgiving all student loans and the Green New Deal.

Today’s students are taught a man can become a woman and vice versa. Today’s students are anti-Christian, totally disregarding the Bible and accepting immoral lifestyles such as homosexuality. Read Leviticus 18:22! Today’s college students are all for abortion by the thousands but will protest like hell if a Palestinian child is killed by an Israeli bomb in retaliation.

Today’s students believe that global warming will destroy the earth in 12 years, totally ignoring the fact that God is in control of all things concerning man.

Today’s students are for reparations for blacks and are taught that all evil comes from straight, white, Christian males. I could go on and on, but leaders must begin by being taught Christian principles and knowing right from wrong.

God bless America.

Eric Wheeler

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

Eric is 100% right.

Those that disagree (many id as democrats but their doctrine is communism lite) are engaged in self deception. Socialism has become quite popular in 21st century America but at it's core is communism. Socialists have not come to grips with the parallels of their own beliefs and that of communism. People who have indicated they do not believe in God are easy prey for the lie of socialism and the "workers paradise" that is sure to follow.

Socialism is the little brother of communism. Lenin is quoted as having said the reason for socialism IS communism. They go hand in hand like bread and butter and yet people think they know differently or too smart for that, even though history shows us they are inextricably linked. Socialism eventually begets communism with the ruin of nations and all the horrors of totalitarianism that follow.

Many that deny belief in God subscribe to the idea of anything goes and are bent on "fundamentally changing the country". After all, if there is no God you don't have to answer for your actions. In post Christian America you see the evidence more and more everyday. The sad part is very few who id as Christians are willing to speak against this and many embrace it so the socialist/communists won't accuse them of being intolerant, racist, or bigots. These are actions right out of Saul Alynsky's playbook (communist) and have cowed many Christians into denying their faith. There is nothing like having the conviction of your words. When you compromise with evil, you lose Christian...


Ignoring God isn't a bad thing. The Biblical fairy tale is ridiculous after all.


The youth aren't given enough credit for their knowledge and accomplishments. Perhaps you should keep your religious expectations of others to yourself. America is the first secular nation in the world and for good reason. Our Forefathers certainly weren't going to allow the bloodshed and carnage in Europe caused by religion. And nowadays, the youth are intelligent enough to know you don't need religious principles to know right from wrong. BTW god probably doesn't exist. If he does he's worthless as hell.


EA (aka, Eric Wheeler?) is a know nothing, and is very proud of that fact. I have spent an inordinate amount of time in the past correcting his errors, only to have him double down with his ignorant displays.

He doesn't want to know anything contra his preconceived notions and is proud of his abject obtuseness. At this stage, he's best ignored, because he sure as heck isn't willing to be educated. And yes, he believes wholeheartedly in the foolishness espoused by his theology

Le Ecrivain

Yes, I believe in Medicare for all. The people who should not have Medicare are people with an average net worth of 167 times the net worth of people without Medicare. There is no reason that people in this country should die from medical illness just to make the church-goers feel that rapture is coming faster. It's just stupid.

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