When I see you in a store and our eyes meet, mine over a mask and you without one, do I think you are an uneducated, selfish jerk? Absolutely.

I want COVID-19 gone.

My mother is in a memory facility. A series of events led to the decision to put her there. It was a big decision, but my sister and I have not been sorry that we made it. I saw my mother every day. We talked, did puzzles, watched TV and went on car drives. My sister, who lives out of town, came at least once a week and we took mom out to eat. We had good times.

Then came the pandemic!

March 17, 2020, was the last time I got to visit my Mom. For her 92nd birthday, the family stood in the parking lot and she saw us from a second-floor balcony. We talk on the phone, but her memory issues have accelerated. She is more confused.

Recently, 311 residents were tested – results: zero positive tests. Truly remarkable! The facility wants to begin limited visits and get back to normal, as we all do.

But, there you are, without your mask! You have made it into a political issue! Why? If wearing a mask helps slow the spread of the disease, why not wear it? In other countries, it has helped.

If there continues to be more and more cases, my mother's facility may be forced by selfish, ignorant people like you to remain in quarantine.

Before you begin screaming about your "rights" – no country has collapsed because citizens were thoughtful and concerned about each other.

Time for you to grow up. Wear the mask. Be a true American.

Anna Sue Heller

Bowling Green

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That is true. No country collapsed because it's citizens cared about each other. The Nazis however, did do everything for the safety of their neighbors, and the government did everything for their safety, so there's that.


If Republicans want to die by the millions, let them! Democrats understand the risks, are self-isolating, keeping distance, and masking up. At some point Republicans will suddenly realize that trump and their 'leaders' have been lying to them nonstop. (Trump & the GOP are now wearing masks too lol) Republicans will realize when their children start getting sick, their siblings test positive, their friends and family start drowning in their own lungs. COVID 19 is a horrific way to die. Even Dems don't want to watch Republicans suffer. But hey, if Republicans want to experience horrific painful death, who are we to stop them? Maybe they are Testing their God to save them from their own stupidity, just like He didn't for millions of Christians in all the plagues of the past.


Dear Anna,

Pay no heed to the commenters below. Logic, reason, and science are foreign concepts to them. They are akin to flat earthers and anti vaxxers. They only think they know things but as is patently obvious their knowledge base is purely superficial.

Carry on being on the correct side of history. Wear your mask when out in public.

Enough Already

Dear Anna,

When I see you in a store and our eyes meet, mine without a mask and you with one, do I think you are a naive dolt? Absolutely.

At first the "experts" told us we absolutely didn't need a mask unless we were healthcare workers and were encouraged not to wear them. Then we were told we should wear one to protect others and now they want everyone to wear one all the time. Actually, the narrative changed a couple of more times before we got to this point but that is the general flow of advice we got from the "experts". You are free to wear a mask at all times and I am free to reject that advise. I reject that advice. Even in the worst pandemics the law only provided for the quarantine of sick people and never those who are well. They tried to change that this time but it does not pass the smell test. The constitution does not give anyone the right to issue edicts that are not law and law is not an executive order. Law is what is passed by the legislature and anything outside of that is usurpation and a totalitarian act by one man, and that does not matter whether it is a president, a governor, a mayor, or a Judge executive.

My advice to you is to cower in your house with a mask on. As an American I intend to go where i want without a mask.

Happy 4th of July from one American to another...


99.8 Survivability rate....give me a break. If You or GrandMama are high risk then please by all means wear a mask, better yet stay home with your fear porn feasting lib buddies Anna.

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