Four years ago we elected a President who had zero governing experience. Why? Because we thought he was a fabulously successful businessman. We asked to see his tax returns, which was standard procedure for every presidential candidate before him.

“I will absolutely give my returns but I’m being audited now,” he told us in February, 2016. Years passed but Trump didn’t release his tax returns. In fact, he filed suit in 2019 to prevent the release of the tax returns he said he wanted us to see. Why?

It turns out that Trump either lied to the voters about being a successful businessman or he lied to the IRS about losing billions of dollars. We have learned that he paid only $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017. Most adults earning $18,000 paid that much. He paid no taxes at all in 10 of the previous 15 years. How did he do that? His "Apprentice" television show earned him approximately $400 million but his casinos and other businesses lost billions. That’s why he declared bankruptcy six times. One of his biggest losers was the failing Trump National Doral golf resort where he wanted to host the G7 Summit.

And about that audit that goes on forever—now we know why. Trump paid only $95 million over 18 years, but he recovered that by claiming a $72.9 million federal refund and $21.2 million state refund due to his huge business losses. So this “I’m really rich” man paid no income tax in the last 18 years. How much did you pay?

We finally have learned who Donald Trump really is — a lousy businessman but a great reality TV celebrity. In other words, a huckster and a con man. Let the chant begin: “Vote him out! Vote him out!” 

Larry Caillouet

Bowling Green

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Right on Larry!

Enough Already 2

Mr. Caillouet is very astute in his analysis.

Of course, his detractors that post their feeble excuse why tDump is still doing a great job are blinded to facts because they are part of the 37% tDump forever, come hell nor high water, supporters...

Here is an inkling of what many Republicans actually think:

"Alarms are flashing red throughout Republican Senate campaigns after Trump's overbearing debate performance and COVID diagnosis sent the party's poll numbers cratering, particularly among the suburban white women and moms who helped elect him in 2016.

One Republican advising in Senate and House races called it the worst presidential dive in U.S. history — one that is bringing the entire GOP ticket down with it. It's something no amount of money can fix, the person said. The strategist, like others interviewed for this story, were granted anonymity to frankly assess the situation."

What say ye?


Yep and Yep. Touche'

Enough Already

Larry Caillouet is a huckster and a con man...

Absolutely Positively

Someone who doesn't understand the tax code but takes all credits and deductions to which he's legally entitled is mad because someone who does understand the tax code does the same thing.

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