As usual, my friend Eric Wheeler is shooting blanks ("Team Trump is winning in America," Mailbox, Feb. 15).

Spouting faulty claims to try to support President Donald Trump's failed policies. Having minority views on various issues. Evidently not knowing the debt from the deficit. But as Trump said: "Who the hell cares about a deficit?"

Under President Barack Obama, the deficit decreased from $1.3 trillion in 2011 down to $438 billion in 2015.

Obama and Trump have had higher defense spending than all previous presidents. So, no, Obama didn't deplete it.

Seventy-five percent of Americans approve of Roe v. Wade.

Seventy-one percent wanted witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. Sixty-three percent want assault weapons banned. And you, Mr. Wheeler? Job growth has slowed under Trump's policies of tariffs and bluffs. We've lost coal jobs, steel jobs and manufacturing jobs have fallen for five straight months.

After promising to protect preexisting conditions, he’s now trying to strip them. He promised not to cut Social Security and Medicare, but already is.

These facts were easily Googled, but I'm sure Mr. Wheeler prefers his bogus claims fed to him by Trump and Fox News.

Phil Mitchell

Bowling Green


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Enough Already

Phil Mitchell always has trouble separating fact from Democrat talking points. Now either the people enjoying our booming economy don't believe the presidents policies are bad, or Phil Mitchell is a "lying two faced pony soldier" and is shoveling the usual Democrat BS. I believe that Phil is of the latter but the final determination will be in November. See you at the stables Phil...

Absolutely Positively

"Job growth has slowed under Trump's policies of tariffs and bluffs."

Is this the Plan B argument that's meant to replace the "Trump will wreck the economy" talking point? Job growth tends to slow as you hit full employment.


Patience Grasshopper. Every modern era Republican has made an attempt at wrecking the economy which has thus far only been averted by their Democratic predecessor. Perhaps this current administration will finally succeed in doing so in spectacular fashion.

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