Listen – what is that sound?

It sounds like laughter and it is coming from overseas. Our overseas cousins are laughing at their American "kin."

It seems like the Americans have bragged about their system of government, founded hundreds of years ago by our forefathers, and how it is organized. Now they are seeing that even though when one is legally elected and barely has time to warm the presidential chair in the Oval Office, one eager "statesman" can proclaim "Impeach him!" He hadn't even had time to learn of His programs and plans to "Make America Great Again."

They couldn't find a cause or grounds for impeachment. If impeachment came about, the American people and the country would both be the losers, as no business would be conducted by the proper governing body.

I am sure our forefathers would be disappointed at those people who have chosen such a disruptive questionable means as they attempt to overthrow a duly elected person to be president. They do not recognize or credit the many accomplishments he has made benefiting all the country and all the people, namely a stronger military, more jobs, lower taxes, to name just a few. All of us have benefited in some way from his vision.

Perhaps the only way to silence the laughter of our "kin" would be to hope the American "common sense" would prevail and government to function as our forefathers had planned.

Harold Jones

Bowling Green


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Trump presidency not something forefathers envisioned.

Enough Already

I agree.

Who would have thought a single president could undo all the crooked and traitorous dealings of Obama and Clinton in less than one term and successfully make America great again despite being constantly attacked by traitorous Democrats the entire time. He truly is nothing less than a super hero. Thanks for pointing that out.


Sure thing Squealer. Stay classy.

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